Job List

This is where you can see what everyone does for a living as well as what positions are available for your characters. If there's a name under a job already, apply anyways because doesn't mean all the spots are taken. We can list multiple characters under one title. Not sure what a job is? PM the owner and ask!

Keep in mind you are not confined to these selections. If your character has a job that's not listed, wants to own a place or whatever else, submit it and we'll add it to our list!

North Portland

· Caddoc Callaghan
Animal Behavior Specialist · Carlyn Ridley
Assistant Medical Examiner · Ava Kovalenko
Associate Dean at the University of Portland · Roslyn Wu
Bounty Hunter · Kenna Hendrix
Business Owner · Alina Sinclair
Carpenter · Raúl Gabriel Torres
Chief Jeweler · Lara Dumont
Dealer · Mackenzie Tanner
Dietary Manager · Spencer Rydell
ER Surgeon · Jaime O’Quinn
Escort · Lilith Earl
FBI Special Agent · Reynard Squall
Landscaper · Killian Clarke
Paramedic · Samara Beran
Pick Pocket/ Busker · Raina Lambert
Private Arms Dealer and Expert · Coria Luzi
Stripper · Anaïs Duchannes
Student · Connor Winfield
Student of Geography · Madi Hansen
Studies meteorology · Eris Grove
Unemployed · Iona Payne
University Teacher · Raymond Wu
Vigilante · Gavin Payne
Vigilante · Eoin Payne

Northeast Portland

Bartender · Chickadee Daniels
Club Hostess · Poppy Oakes
Landlord & Real Easte Investor · Ingvar Vinterholt
Park Ranger · Max Shepherd
Underground Sound - Owner · Adina Russo
Unemployed · Axel Ivanov

East Portland

Cartel Boss · Santiago Salazar
Cemetary Groundskeeper · Philomena Abbott
Dancer / Waitress at Sassy's · Ophelia Miller
Founder/Bartender - Helium House · Richard Steele
Lawyer/ Investor / Owner of Helium House · Leon Durand
Mixologist at Sassy's · Matthew Durand
Personal Trainer · Nox Kovach
Private Investigator · Nerine Antonis

Southeast Portland

Book-shop owner · Henry Davis
Editor · Spencer Seville
Fitness Trainer · John Miller
Florist & Herbalist - Linden Botanicals · Emil Linden
Front desk - car dealership · Madeline Durand
Part-Time Sales Associate (Next Chapter Books) · Niamh Kilpatrick
Pastry Chef · Ava Adler
Shop Owner (Remains to be Seen) · Loretta Blythe
Tattoo Artist · Hendrix Houpt
Taxidermist · Gideon Blythe
Unemployed · Keane O’Sullivan
Waitress · Cordelia Winfield

Southwest Portland

Anesthesiologist · Cara Talbot
Carmine Hunter · Evalyn Dimitriou
Doctor/Surgeon · Jackie Donovan
Private Security Consultant · Arlo Nakoa
Psychologist / Investor · Yana Novik
Veterinarian · Riley Toscani
Zoo Keeper - Aquatic Husbandry · Robyn O'Leary

Northwest Portland

Art & Antiquities Dealer/Collector · Gia Salazar
Barista · Hollis Campbell
Barista · Gracie O’Quinn
Carmine - Electi / Handyman Cover · Huck Grice
Carmine - Valkyrie - Herja · Moira Renshaw
Carmine - Valkyrie Lt. Colonel - Sif · Tess Thorne
Carmine Agent · Alex Davidson
Carmine General · Nicodemus Terrazzo
Carmine Hunter · Oksana Kholodova
Florist · Piper Rutherford
Hacker · Chloe Haroldson
Scientist · Ezra Halabi
Tech Headhunter · Giovanna Cavallo
Valkyrie-in-training (Carmine) · Pandora Sabre

Cannon Beach



Unemployed · Archelaus Drakos
Freelance Artist · Raelyn Lemaire
Owner of Corkscrew Wine & Spirits · Farrah McCarthy


Forest Ranger · Ivarr Haralson


Bird business · Brook Thomas
Bird Rehabilitator & Rescuer · Aurelia Ventura
Captain of the Golden Strumpet · Sal Hannis
Executioner · Jarvis Reed
Park Ranger · Twig McClary


· Etain O'Rourke
Food Truck Owner · Calvin Bates
Odd Jobs · Finlay Black
Podcaster · June Barnes
Unemployed · Hye-Rin Oh
Unemployed · Jake Flynn