Eoin Payne

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Eoin Ae'd Payne
Vampire – Reaper

Need to Know

- He/Him
- 380 (Dec 30)
- 6'1"
- Dark Brown Peppered with Grey Hair
- Blue Eyes (Black Eyes)
- Vigilante in North Portland
- Lives in North Portland


☓ His clothes denote a man of simple needs and limited means
☓ A muscular physique demonstrates a visible familiarity with hard work
☓ Hair varies in length, but never strays past his chin
☓ Always in the midst of growing a beard
☓ No tattoos or piercings

About Me

Ability Description


⥣ Perspicacious, Loyal, Resilient, Deliberate
⥥ Guarded, Blatant, Temperamental
⥧ Innate Leader, Charismatic Through Action not Charm, Strong


His life’s current had always been more of a riptide, his mother laboring for only an hour after their weathered vessel docked, Eoin marking his place in the world with bloody enthusiasm. It was an irony that would take him years to understand, but his years were plentiful— a prediction no one on Tortola would have believed, death being a rampant visitor to their shores.

His mother survived him, but his father’s end was eventually guaranteed by acts of piracy, the noose snapping his neck with a crunch that resembled the sugarcane his sister so enjoyed teething. He was still young, but he would not let his mother take to the streets to profit from the lustful coins in men's pockets. Instead, he turned to hard labor to make up for missing wages, toil eroding the reprieve of youth for a much starker reality.

The years saw Eoin painstakingly carve out a brighter future, and while the Payne curse was a famed, unequivocal reality, unyielding effort seemed destined to break it. If there was aught he could have done to prevent the impending tide, he would have, but no warnings or military bearing could save the lives he treasured, the whole of Tortola decimated by a hurricane, and later, drowning in the goddamned vampiric wave that followed it.

The lucky ones perished, the rest of his family forced to live out their afterlives as parasites— wretched creatures smuggled in the hold of ship bound for the Americas. It was there, with his mother, sister, uncle, and cousin that Eoin found purpose. Justice was crimson, and judgement unrelenting, the New World filled with bountiful war and the same malicious misdeeds, each century expanding their menu. And yet, the maelstrom still shadowed him, in the last months, burying his mother and uncle before continuing north with what was left of his divergent family.

Portland smelled of the same shit as any other city, but it seemed the Paynes were still in the middle of an ocean that constantly threatened to swallow them. Alongside his cousin, and his sister, it is his aim to make the treading a little easier.


Face Claim: Andrew Lincoln