Roslyn Wu

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Roslyn Zhi Ruo Wu

Need to Know

- She/Her
- 35 (May 15)
- 5'11
- Black Hair
- Dark Brown Eyes
- Associate Dean at the University of Portland in North Portland
- Lives in Southwest Portland


- Very concerned with her appearance.
- Rigid posture,
- Considers herself the better looking twin.
- Clothes exhibit status and class.
- Stilettos sharp and tall enough to be a weapon.

About Me




- Born into an illustrious family with magic deeply rooted in her pedigree.
- Has always had a tense relationship with her brother. The source of this being his early development into his powers. Hers did not surface until highschool. It's something she's quietly ashamed of and has worked to expand and perfect her ability every day. She has not yet succeeded, though she remains quite powerful.
- Leaned against the doctrine of her older relatives, developing a bias towards witches that blossomed into outright bigotry against humans and other supernatural beings once she reached adulthood.
- Succeeded in her studies, graduating with honors while going on to pursue an undergraduate and master's degree.
- It was a relief when her brother left for Oxford, and Roslyn used that time to secure her foothold as the Wu Coven's Matriarch.
- Her position at the top was less stable than she liked and after the death of her parents, the coven crumbled around her, disbanding completely.
- She is currently tolerating having her brother back in her life and working relentlessly towards building the Coven up again, set on turning it into something far more stable, expansive, and powerful.


Face Claim: Gemma Chan