June Barnes

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June Eloise Barnes

Need to Know

- She / Her
- 31 (Aug 14)
- 5'7"
- Black Hair
- Brown Eyes
- Podcaster in Other
- Lives in Tillamook


° Does a bi-yearly trim of her ends in the steps of her van, but hasn't properly cut her hair in nearly four years.
° Rarely has the time or the mental energy to be assed with makeup or anything beyond a bun.
° Sacrafices a good bit of space for clothes to avoid laundry as much as possible.
° Most things are thrifted t-shirts from events she didn't attend, lots of sweaters, no frills dresses, good jeans.
° If she has tattoos they're not in plain sight.

About Me




° Raised in North Dakota to a set of parents who were nurturing but thrifty out if necessity.
° Does a couple clubs and sports in her later childhood, but proves generally noncommittal and disinterested.
° On the gentle encouragement of a teacher in junior year, pursues creative writing.
° Finishes a teen fiction novel at nineteen just out of high school, in hindsight suspects it did as well as it did on the gimmick that she was so young.
° Book sales burn fast and hot, fairly popular but with no impact that lasts beyond a couple months.
° Gets dropped at twenty-three when it seems evident that perhaps she was a one hit.
° In part due to limited earnings, in part youthful reckless spending, spins her wheels for the next four years. More in savings than some women but not enough.
° Dates, gets engaged, almost buys a house, isn't engaged - decides she needs to get the fuck out of the Midwest at twenty-seven.
° Moves back in with her parents for a year while she personally works on and invests her time, energy, and money into a van conversion.
° Ends up closer to broke than she's been in years but is happily driving across the country by twenty-eight.
° Does a couple of podcasts out of her van to generate income. Ones about travel and nomadic life, and serves as the brunt of her income. The others a passion project of ramping success that covers the unsolved and mysterious events that people send in worldwide.
° Suspects the world is a lot weirder and more wild than people realize, has no proof. Yet.


Face Claim: Gwen Noa Piqué

° Has a six year old Golden Retriever named Gopher that's more or less attached to her hip.
° A pretty serious bee allergy (carries an EpiPen).
° Frequently has a hard time resisting local restaurants with eating challenges during her travels. (Typically fails, but not always!)