Alexandra Marie Davidson
Witch – Illusion

Need to Know

- She / Her
- 23 (Oct 31)
- 5'3"
- Dirty Blonde Hair
- Blue Eyes (Black Eyes)
- Carmine Agent in Northwest Portland
- Lives in North Portland


• Most of her clothing is thrifted or pulled directly from the discount rack.
• If a shirt comes too big or too small, she's always going for the big one.
• Has a beloved black leather jacket that has seen better days.
• Jeans > dresses and skirts (unless deemed necessary)
• Can't even walk smoothly in heels.
• Passable (if you ask her) make up skills, but you'll be hard-pressed to see her flex them.
• If her hair's not up in a bun or a ponytail it's down - that's it. Hard stop.
• No tattoo's or piercings for that matter.

About Me

Ability Description

Illusion: While a new skill that Alex does not entirely understand or have control over, she possess the ability to create illusions from thin air. Visual illusions are the easiest, sounds are in the realm of possibility. Anything beyond that hasn't been successful. Yet.




→ Grew up nice and human in good ole' Mobile, Alabama to a single mother after an affair gone south.
→ Lived most of her childhood strapped for cash and attention, not particularly close with her mother.
→ Following an altercation with her mother's then-boyfriend, hits the road at age sixteen.
→ Spends the next year and some change hitchhiking and crashing on couches and sleeping in friend's cars.
→ Throughout her travels, ends up crawling up along the West coast for a number of months.
→ A brief stop in Portland and failed pickpocketing attempt earns her a job opportunity. It's vague but it pays well enough to pay for a split apartment - a sort of apprenticeship into a world that seems absurd.
→ Throughout three years of extensive training in a facility located on the outskirts of Northwest Portland, Alex learns and theoretically masters the Carmine basics. How to identify a supernatural, and how to get rid of them.
→Throughout this time, she first uses her ability and manages to create visual hallucinations a handful of times over the course of the years. However, they are always small and seemingly occur at random - probably her own overactive imagination and not an actual supernatural ability.
→ As her training ends, moves into an apartment of her own on the Northside of Portland to avoid any suspicion.
→ Presently, she's awaiting assignment and has made the executive decision not to think about the remote possibility if she's anything more than human.


Face Claim: Marta Piekarz