Chickadee Daniels

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Chickadee Daniels

Need to Know

- She/Her
- 25 (Mar 13th)
- 5'4"
- Brown Hair
- Dark Brown Eyes
- Bartender in Northeast Portland
- Lives in North Portland


• Long dark hair with grown out blondes ends and blunt cut bangs
• Septum piercing that she did herself
• Freckles
• Tends to wear oversized hoodies and cut off shorts despite weather
• Her favorite pair of shoes are checkered vans she found in the trash while dumpster diving
• While bartending/dancing, she is more put together with makeup swiped on and clothes are more elevated.

About Me


Has a strong affiliation for nature. She will bartend, dance, escort, anything to keep money flowing in but once she is off the clock, she prefers quiet, alone time whether is enjoying herself at home working on her embroidery skills, at the library, or hiking.

She can easily put on a customer service face, which she uses often around strangers as well as acquaintances . Chickadee appears friendly and empathetic but is actually emotionally unavailable.


Chickadee grew up in a rough neighbor in Chicago to a foster family caring for 10 kids. Her mother gave her up for adoption just after she was born, and she has no idea who her father is, but she could care less about this; a reason why she tends to be emotionally unavailable, she tends to push her emotions aside to not let them bother her.

"Fuck them hoes." – Chickadee

She ran away from her foster parents’ abusive and neglectful ways when she was 15 setting out to the streets to make her living. From selling drugs, to dancing, she made her living as needed, renting motel room to motel room.

She finally made her way out to Portland for a change of scenery after seeing an Oregon guidebook in one of her motel stays. The expansive outdoors and closeness to the ocean brought her to Portland.


Face Claim: Emily Bador

- Has a midwest/Chicago accent