Pandora Sabre

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Pandora Sabre

Need to Know

- She/Her
- 28 (Jan 3)
- 5'8''
- Blonde Hair
- Dark Blue Eyes
- Valkyrie-in-training (Carmine) in Northwest Portland
- Lives in North Portland


→ A toned form & her hair blonde and long.
→ Slim fitted jeans & loose-fitted t-shirts.
→ Generally doesn't mind heels & boots.
→ Favours leather - leather jackets are win.
→ Will walk around mostly naked if allowed.
→ Various tattoos running up & down her body.

About Me


→ Independent
→ Resting bitch face
→ No sugarcoating
→ Trust / Commitment issues
→ Careless and danger prone
→ Knows how to play nice, rarely does.
→ Loyal as fuck, expects same.


TW: death of parents, prostitution

→ Born & raised in Birmingham, UK, as Caitlynn Talbot.
→ Parents brutally killed, which she later found out had been by vampires.
- told to her after joining Carmine.
→ Put in foster care, but ran away when things were getting out of hand.
→ Ended up on the streets: picking up stray jobs here & there.
→ Would occasionally sell sex & then steal from her customers.
→ Was a very angry and frustrated teen, hating the world in general.
→ Met someone who ended up convincing her into working for them.
→ Soon found herself knee-deep in some shit she didn't know shit about.
→ Got into training and was taught how to fight, levelling up bit by bit.
→ Faced with the opportunity to (officially) join Carmine in her mid-20s.
→ Re-located to the States shortly afterwards with her mentor.
→ A couple of years later her mentor was killed and she got re-located.
→ Currently a valkyrie-in-training in Portland, angrier and more careless than ever.


Face Claim: Valentina Belleza

→ Speaks with a British accent.
→ More than capable of kicking ass while wearing heels.
→ Enjoys casual sex & sees it as a way of working out.
→ Prefers beer, hard liquor and such.
→ Has a black, oriental shorthair named Medusa. Also called Satan.