Anaïs Duchannes

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Anaïs O. L. Duchannes
Witch – Terrakinesis

Need to Know

- She/Her
- 26 (May 1st)
- 5' 7''
- Auburn Hair
- Blue Eyes (Violet Eyes)
- Stripper in North Portland
- Lives in North Portland


Anaïs is a rather comfortable woman and dresses in whatever she feels comfortable in. It may vary from day to day, both in style and colour. Not particularly shy about getting attention, she has no issues in wearing revealing attire - although it's not super common.

Considering her line of work, she's very picky with her looks and hygiene. Everything being plucked and groomed, carefully dyed and well cared for. Her hair often varying from one colour to another. Has also mastered the skill of doing perfect brows thanks to YouTube and tutorials, like with the rest of her makeup skills.

Distinct features: Intense blue eyes, freckles & plenty of tattoos.

About Me

Ability Description

• Capable of manipulating the earth and that which comes from it. But has a certain affinity for green plants and trees, clearly keeping favorites, which has been an area of focus for her.

• Can make anything green thrive with a mere touch and has very few restrictions in what she can achieve when it comes to plants and flowers. Bigger things takes more, however, and isn't as easy for her.

• Is very emotionally in tune with the green side of nature and has occasionally felt pain due to plants being mistreated/neglected.

• Eyes turn into a beautiful pale violet when active.
• Fatigue follows intense/longer periods of use.
• Nose-bleeds occur during more straining work.


Polite . Anaïs is, according to most people, a surprisingly polite and well-mannered young woman. While growing up, it was pretty much beaten into her during all those years in private school with strict nuns as teachers. Having left a mark where she remains polite even to this day and this especially towards her elders.

Happy-Go-Lucky . In general, Anaïs has always been a rather cheerful and carefree person. She was always a happy child, although some of it's intensity has faded over the years when growing up. However, she'll probably have a smile on her lips in 9 out of 10 occasions and be an overall positive person. Although sometimes, it may just be a facade. Life isn't always so easy after all.

Coquette . Maybe it's the stereotypical French woman in her, or maybe it's because of her job - but Anaïs has over the years turned into quite the flirtatious woman. By now it's part of her everyday self and isn't something she's aware of half the time, it having become something natural to her. But when she is aware, she's often turning it into a game of cat and mouse.


→ Born: L'Haÿ-les-Rose - Paris, France, as the second child*.
→ From an old-money, fancy pants family.
→ The family is also part of a long line of witches.
→ Attends an all-girl private school from age 6-16.

→ Shows signs of her powers at a fairly young age.
→ Her terrakinesis surfaces, but she attempts to keeps it to herself.
→ Starts to pull away from friends and family. Isolating herself.
→ Drops out of school, her parents thinking it's just a phase.

→ Moves out at 18, picking up odd jobs. Choosing a simpler life.
→ Meets Estée who introduces her to the life of a cam girl.
→ Barely 20, she starts bringing in money giving cam shows on adult sites.
→ Isolates herself more & more, barely leaving the house.
→ Gets comfortable in her line of work, cashing in good money.

→ A stalker surfaces when she's 24 years old, things slowly escalating.
→ Ends up staying holed up in her apartment, ordering everything she needs online.
→ Makes friends with another woman online whom she later visits in the US.
→ Her first romance (ever) is with said woman, but they later part as close friends.

→ At age 23, her stalker grows more daring and possessive.
→ Receives the news of her parents getting killed in a car accident.
→ After the funeral, she decides she needs some time away from France and..
→ ..returns to Portland for another visit, escaping her life in France and online.
→ Picks up a job as a stripper and gets herself a place in Portland.


Face Claim: Scarlett Simoneit

→ Anaïs Odette Léopoldine Duchannes
→ Speaks with a heavy French accent.
→ *Has a 5 year older brother; Augustine Duchannes.
→ Heiress to the family fortune. Her brother too.
→ Lives a simpler life by her own choice.
→ Plays several instruments. Prefers piano.