Farrah McCarthy

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Farrah Lynn McCarthy
Witch – Hydrokenesis

Need to Know

- She/Her
- 29 (Aug 3)
- 5’6”
- Strawberry Blonde Hair
- Blue-Green Eyes (Grey Eyes)
- Owner of Corkscrew Wine & Spirits in Astoria
- Lives in Astoria


+ Will wear whatever is in her closet. She's not afraid to flaunt her birthday suit either.
+ Hardly ever straightens her hair. She loves how wild it makes her appear.
+ Soft and supple.
+ Pale skin, bright eyes and freckles. She loves them.
+ Has her own way with make up. Dolled up or nothing at all.
+ Tattoos
+ Piercings

About Me

Ability Description


+ power tends to control her rather than her controlling it.
+ different forms of water have different power levels.
+ is drawn to ALL sources of water.
+ unknowingly calls on her power during times of high stress or anxiety.
+ eyes range from varying shades of grey depending on how much power she is using.
+ can manipulate water if it’s already present, but not create it.
+ the more she uses it the more unpredictable and irrational she becomes
+ will suffer from nosebleeds, migraines, and loss of consciousness. In extreme cases, she has almost drowned herself.


Adventurous | Curious | Conflicted | Adrenaline Junky | Cautious | Fearful | Free-spirited


+ being tamed or contained
+ love
+ strong emotions
+ weakness
+ stability


+ her cat
+ elements, especially water
+ the idea of stability
+ the idea of love
+ nature
+ power


+ Born and raised by a single mother in Napa Valley.
+ Her mother was a part of a small coven of 5-6 people, all scattered about in the Valley or Sacramento. All had different levels of power and different abilities.
+ Farrah - being the odd child - always went off on her own, being drawn to nature itself rather than people. She had few friends and mostly conversed with those from her coven.
+ Her power developed late in life, when she was 12 she started to be drawn to one element of the earth more than the others: water.
+ She often spent as much time as she could near water, but soon found that water was in nearly every facet of life. All around her, even in the grapes she helped pick and the wine she saw produced. Farrah could draw the water out of those things or take it from one source and put it into another.
+ It felt like a life source to her, so she decided to follow her current path and work with vintners so she could eventually become one herself.
+ Met Emil Linden and felt drawn to him like she was to water. He was kind, and sweet and had power, just like her… but completely opposite of her in a way that could not be ignored.
+ Without knowing it, she started to rely on him, falling into a routine with him and when she was offered a job at a distillery as a manager, she was excited and told him about it. Farrah did not correct him when Emil thought she invited him to come with. He was welcome, a good sense of strength and familiarity amongst all the change.

+ Moved to Portland late 2019 with Emil and soon fell into another, different routine that seemed all too permanent. Being closer to a larger body of water, her power started to rise, to resonate to her in a way it hadn’t previously. She started to feel trapped and that Emil was holding her back.
+ Unsure how to handle this difference in her power, she started to listen to it. First, she started working more, limiting their contact with each other. Withdrawing where she could. + One day, the need to break free became too strong and she packed up and left, finding a small apartment closer to the water in Astoria - where to plans to open a little store where she can sell wine, offer taste testing and little snacks.

+ Found an apartment a few months ago and set up shop there.
+ Down the street she gathered what little cash she had stored away to open up Corkscrew Wine & Spirits - a cut little shop with few high, top round tables, appetizers, and various wines, cheeses and spirits all made within the PNW area.


Face Claim: Alberta Berlin

+ Has a cat name Misty
+ Will get around via feet, bike, public transit or last resort a tan Kia Soul
+ Tendency to act irrationally