Madeline Eloise Durand
Witch – Consequential Art

Need to Know

- She / Her
- 28 (April 25)
- 5'10"
- Black Hair
- Amber Eyes (White Eyes)
- Front desk - car dealership in Southeast Portland
- Lives in Southeast Portland


• Wears whatever is comfortable, rarely goes shopping - a whole lot of jeans.
• Boots or sneakers and very rarely anything else.
• Heavily tattooed, especially on her legs and arms - ears and nose are pierced.
• Wears makeup but doesn't do a full face, always at least a couple of coats of mascara.
• Hair's usually down and unfussed with.

About Me

Ability Description

CONSEQUENTIAL ART: With enough focus and time can draw out a scene and it has (roughly) a 50% chance of coming to fruition. However, the nature of the drawings can only be negative to her knowledge. Illustrations must resemble the people in them (she can not draw a couple stick figures and call it a day). If the art can be tied directly to the subject (painted with their blood, a brush made of a lock of hair, drawn in supplies owned by them, etc) her success ramps to 70%.




→ Born and raised in a family of prominent witches who called Seattle home, the youngest of four children and the late bloomer.
→ Spent most of her earliest childhood watching her parents come and go to attend coven affairs - raised in part of a string of au pairs.
→ Discovered her craft on the back of a piece of junk mail with a couple of crayons at age eleven.
→A simple portrait of her family at the beach, her brother Marcus splashing in the waves, ended in his drowning just a couple weeks later.
→Where before her parents were distracted, they are now distant. Quick to fill the coven in on their surviving child's skillset.
→Spends the next seven years on retainer for the coven, hones a craft she wishes she didn't have.
→ One day after her eighteenth birthday, takes a backpack and a trash bag of clothes and hits the road - eager to escape.
→Paranoia about being tracked down has her moving around the Pacific Northwest every year or so - except she's been in some part of Portland or another for a couple of years now, just trying to stay afloat.


Face Claim: Stefanie Horn