Samara Beran

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Samara Beran

Need to Know

- She/Her
- 28 (August 5th)
- 5'5"
- Blue (Naturally Brown) Hair
- Light Brown Eyes
- Paramedic in North Portland
- Lives in Southwest Portland


* Dyes her hair various shades of blues and greens. Changes after every shift out of necessity. * A fan of dark and strangely colored lipsticks and dark eyeliner. * Rarely seen with natural hair or without makeup. * Likes gaudy clothes and jewelry. * Drawn to bright colors and shimmery/shiny materials. *Loves boots.

About Me


*Vivacious *Gluttonous *Supportive *Lazy *Honest *Loyal *Playful


*Raised by a doting mother and father in a loving household. Mother was a nurse, father was a heart surgeon.
*Mother passed away driving home from work one night in an accident with a drunk driver.
*Father became withdrawn after the loss of her mother, and Sam coped with food, becoming brighter and more vivacious to try and get through to her father.
*At sixteen, got bitten while hiking and didn't realize what it was or how dangerous it would become to her until she shifted for the first time.
*Concealing this from her father wasn't the most difficult since he worked long hours and was only emotionally present when she forced him to be.
*Took on some odd jobs after high school, wasn't sure what direction she wanted to take in life.
*Eventually decided to move in the same direction of her parents, becoming a paramedic so that she could save the lives of people like her mother who died before she could reach the hospital.
*Has been a paramedic for 6 years now, currently working for a private company and living in Southwest Portland with her roommate and trying to get by.


Face Claim: Sophie Hannah Ridchardson

SO HUNGRY always, cannot cook to save her life, beyond gluttonous and needy.