Hendrix Houpt
Witch – Tychokinesis

Need to Know

- He/Him
- 32 (Feb 26)
- 6'1
- Brown Hair
- Dark Blue Eyes (Light Blue Eyes)
- Tattoo Artist in Southeast Portland
- Lives in Southeast Portland


Walks that scruffy chic line.
Has a bunch of tattoos.
Frequently gets asked for directions because of the approachable way he carries himself.
Not too hard, not too soft. He's just right.

About Me

Ability Description

The ability to alter stochastic fields and energy, which affect the chance of one event or another, thus generating good or bad luck.




- Grew up in the South with a group of sub-par people called family.
- Worked hard in school, but his grades never quite cut it. Began looking for different tickets out of town.
- When nothing panned out, he left anyway, hitchhiking and picking up odd jobs to get by.
- This massive change triggered his power, though for years he had no real idea of what was happening. To this day he only has a weak idea of what he is, as he hasn't met many other Witches.
- He landed in California for a time and began tattooing.
- After completing his apprenticeship he went from shop to shop doing walk-ins and flash work until someone finally offered him a full time gig as a resident artist in Portland.
- Recently he's begun to infuse his tattoo ink with good luck, hoping that his art can give his clients an extra boost on their way to happiness.


Face Claim: Levi Stocke