Raelyn Lemaire

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Raelyn Lemaire

Need to Know

- She/Her
- 23 (Dec 15th)
- 5' 1"
- Brown Hair
- Dark Brown Eyes
- Freelance Artist in Astoria
- Lives in Astoria


*Wild, naturally curly hair, hard to tame. *A spattering of freckles. *Very short. Very defensive about this. *Tends towards sundresses and other light clothing when she can get away with it but also loves well worn denim. *Much of her wardrobe is thrifted or things friends no longer wanted that she patched up. *Comfortable shoes always. *Usually has ink or paint somewhere on her person/clothes.

About Me


*Artistic *Curious *Compassionate *Naive *Forgiving *Whimsical *Anxious


*Father was a fisherman mother was a homemaker.

*Lived along the coast all her life.

*Grew up in Baltimore Maryland with her parents and older brother.

*Her brother was attacked as a teen and ended up becoming a shifter. Rae is unaware of this and believes that he had a drug problem that he overcame.

*After her mother had an accident that left her partially disabled, Rae learned to help around the house with all the usual chores, her father still going off on long stints on the fishing boat.

*Once her father retired and was able to take care of her mother full time and her brother had 'recovered' and no longer needed her help, Rae moved to Oregon to try and build a live for herself as an artist two years ago.

*Has been struggling to make ends meet and is looking for part time work to supplement her meager income.


Face Claim: Ashley Moore

Nickname: Sunshine

Loves the beach.

Fond of blue collar working men.

Terrified of spiders.