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Eris Grove
Witch – Atmokinesis

Need to Know

- She/Her
- 20 (Oct 17)
- 5'9"
- Blonde Hair
- Grey Eyes (Dark Purple Eyes)
- Studies meteorology in North Portland
- Lives in North Portland


☁Grey eyes
☁Wavy blonde hair
☁All the freckles
☁Pale and does n o t tan. It's tomato or snowman. There are no other options.
☁Lean build
☁Mostly natural make up (but red lipstick is a frequent visitor when shes making a special effort)
☁Summer is dungarees and trainers or dresses and heels. But autumn through winter? Shes permanently rocking the over-sized sweater look.

About Me

Ability Description

Atmokinesis - Eris can sense, create, shape and manipulate weather related things such as:
At the minute, she can only control these things within a radius of 100 meters from where she's standing. She has the most control over wind, fog and rain right now and is getting stronger with lightning and storms. She is weakest with creating snow, hail and sleet (though she can move them if they're happening naturally) and struggles to change the temperature more than a couple of degrees. Doesn't have any special immunity to the weather she creates, but she is slightly less effected by temperature changes than the average person.


☁All smiles and giggles and difficult to make angry. But on the off chance you do, you should probably run.
☁Absolutely the type to dance in the rain.
☁Lives in the moment as much as she can.
☁Fiercely passionate about anything she cares about; people, things or subjects.
☁Will never back down from a challenge, even when she should.
☁Messes with her hair when shes feeling nervous or shy.


☁Born and raised in Portland with her mother, father and younger sister.
☁Both sides of her family have a history of magic, but other than her grandparents on her fathers side, she is the only one living who is currently displaying any powers.
☁Eris had a happy childhood with a fair amount of friends and never wished for anything to be different.
☁Took a gap year to stay with her grandparents in Scotland and work on their farm while practicing her magic under their guidance.
☁Chose to study Meteorology at the university of Portland in an attempt to better understand the effects her powers could have and as a gateway into a career based around it.
☁Is now living in student accommodation at the University and is currently in her first year there.


Face Claim: Freya Mavor

☁Half Scottish (dad's side), half American (mum's side)
☁Would do pretty much anything for her little sister
☁Absolutely loves animals
☁Drives a mint green fiat 500