Nox Kovach

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Lennox Micah Kovach (Co-VOCK)
Shifter – Leopard – Bitten

Need to Know

- He/Him
- 32 (Aug 5)
- 5’10”
- Dark Brown Hair
- Light Blue Eyes (Yellow Eyes)
- Personal Trainer in East Portland
- Lives in Outskirts


+ well-groomed
+ fit
+ always casual clothes
+ tanned
+ relaxed
+ usually wears a ball cap or beanie
+ usually in some sort of sport brand

About Me

Ability Description

+ African leopard
+ faded reddish brown, melanistic leopard
+ tall and lanky
+ graceful yet clumsy
+ playful
+ large, piercing yellow eyes


+ spontaneous
+ casual
+ a little bit of Peter Pan syndrome
+ fun
+ someone responsible
+ can hardly be serious
+ easily distracted
+ always ready for “the next big thing”
+ good citizen
+ can be aloof


Nox probably has the most boring history ever.

+ Born into a middle class family in Portland, OR with one younger brother and two older sisters.
+ Was always the goofy, but not necessarily the “black sheep” of the family
+ Grew up with sub-par grades. Got by by just being “okay” at things other than gym. He loved that.
+ However, he did end up going to the University of Oregon after he graduated high school
+ Partied a lot. Drank a lot. One night (21 at the time) when he was puking up at one of their bonfires, he was attacked by some dark (Leopard Shifter) creature that was scared off by some of his friends coming to help him out. No one knew what that creature was and assumed it was a Mountain Lion or something.
+ Next full moon, Nox turned into a pretty black and russet feline and was scared shitless and lever told a soul. + With the struggles of becoming a shifter and not adjusting well, he dropped out after his third year.
+ After a few months he went to the local community college and got his Personal Trainer Certificate and became an at home/in gym trainer.
+ Bought himself a cool, live-in fan which he absolutely loves. + Has since worked, traveled, slept in different places and had a ton of different adventures.


Face Claim: Jorge Del Rio Romero

+ lives in a van
+ likes the arts
+ dabbles “freelance” in photography and graphic design
+ not above being a date/companion for hire (not an escort)
+ has a hard time saying “no”