Lara Dumont

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Lara Pauline DuMont
Witch – Geokinesis

Need to Know

- She/Her
- 36 (May 3)
- 5'4"
- Dark Brown Hair
- Dark Brown Eyes (Red Eyes)
- Chief Jeweler in North Portland
- Lives in Northeast Portland


♦ Hair is usually tight dreadlocks with vividly-colored extensions—sometimes goes to a relaxed, natural style for the summer months.
♦ Rings on every finger, many of them jeweled—necklaces, and bracelets vary from day-to-day, most adorned with stones of some kind.
♦ Ears are pierced four times — two in each lobe, vertical industrial bar in one, upper cartilage piercings connected by chain in the other.
♦ Short-sleeved shirts, dresses, and blouses for most of the year.
♦ Generally hates pants, knows they are occasionally necessary.
♦ Sandals or open-toed shoes until temps fall below freezing.
♦ All nails manicured, all the time.

About Me

Ability Description

♦ Psychically manipulate and control small amounts (no more than ten cumulative pounds) of earth elements with a mineral composition, regardless of state (rock, dust, sand, mud, etc.)
♦ Identify and enhance the inherent abilities and properties of precious and semi-precious stones — cannot use a majority of these abilities, but witches with complementary powers can wield them as talismans or shields
    ♦ The witch's careful cutting and manipulation of these stones give them endurance over their raw varieties. For example, azurite enhances your third-eye. Witches with the powers of foresight or dream-walking can use the stone for a single-use boost to their ability's duration or potency--though, the latter is known to backfire even in the most experienced hands.
♦ Cleanly separate mingled stone from metal ore
♦ Slight, general resistance to heat—can withstand hot temperatures without breaking a sweat
♦ Under duress, a small, short-lived earthquake is possible—generally very sick for several days afterward—the area of effect is less than 20 yards in diameter.


↑ Animated, Patient, Assertive
↓ Materialistic, Hedonistic, Uncompromising
→ Natural Artisan, Controlled, Born Leader


Early life
♦ Oldest of three, two younger brothers
♦ Grew up and educated in LA
♦ Father and mother both employed by the film industry (father’s a cameraman and mother a sound editor)
♦ The only person in the immediate family to be a witch but shares her abilities with four other cousins (all children from her father’s side of the family).

Early Adulthood
♦ Attended Geological Institute of America in Carlsbad
♦ Transferred to their campus in London for a year to finish formal education
♦ Worked part-time for a jewelry designer in LA for two years, dancing at a club in downtown to make ends meet.
♦ Lived in Chicago and worked as an on-call lapidary for several businesses in the city
♦ Moved to Santa Fe—appraised jewelry at pawn shops, and acted as a buyer for a family-owned store in downtown
♦ Got into several disagreements with local hyenas (one might have died, Lara still isn’t sure)
♦ Ran to Denver to dance for a year, ran a casual Etsy business, but only for fun.

♦ Received an offer from a Portland jeweler five years ago to head their custom designs division.
♦ Bought a cozy two-bedroom and has only ruined one relationship by cheating
♦ She has a decent, if distant, relationship with her family—though they are still very important to her.


Face Claim: Tessa Thompson

♦ Pole dances for exercise — was a dancer after college for several years — subs for instructors at her gym and occasionally accepts invitations to teach workshops
♦ Has a 9-year-old, 3.5 ft long pet iguana named Cid