Mackenzie 'Mac' Tanner

Need to Know

- He/Him
- 25 (Nov 11)
- 5'11
- Dirty blonde Hair
- Light Blue Eyes
- Dealer in North Portland
- Lives in North Portland


- Keeps his hair extremely short.
- Has a number of tattoos, including a large cross in the middle of his chest because he thought it was funny.
- Wears what he can find and what fits, used to hand-me-downs.
- Usually smells like smoke or weed. Or both.

About Me




- Was born in a crack house and left on the floor with his fraternal twin brother as it was raided.
- Mac and his twin, who he not-so-affectionately named Squirt, were put into the foster care system as infants. They managed to stay together through their formative years but were separated at the beginning of high school.
- Hardly academic and with a penchant for trouble, Mackenzie did his best to piss off authority and create chaos wherever he went. As a teenager, he went in and out of the juvenile detention center, usually for fighting and arson.
- Dropped out of school his senior year and started dealing and using drugs like his birth parents.
- Got caught drag racing and was arrested when the officer discovered drugs paraphernalia in his car. They offered him a plea deal to become a rat, but he didn't take it.
- He's spent the last five years in jail.


Face Claim: Norman Theuerkorn