Hollis Grey Campbell
Shifter – Hyena – Born

Need to Know

- She / Her
- 22 (March 17)
- 5'2"
- Strawberry Blonde Hair
- Blue Eyes (Pink Eyes)
- Barista in Northwest Portland
- Lives in Southwest Portland


→ Naturally dark brown hair, dyed on a monthly basis to a strawberry blonde. The rest is wigs, an almost alarming collection of wigs.
→ Freckles, although they're few and generally faint to boot.
→ A couple of small tattoo's on her arms and thighs, nothing major or terribly eye-catching.
→ Has her ears stretched and a septum ring - usually keeps it flipped up at any rate these days.
→ Sense of style varies, usually nothing too expensive. A lot of boots and bits and pieces that might not exactly go together in the eyes of most.

About Me

Ability Description

→ Spotted hyena, the spots of which are on the darker side.
→ Otherwise unremarkable from the next of her kind.




→ Born and spent most of her life so far in a small community on the very outskirts of Silver Spring, Maryland.
→ Raised in a family that valued shifter code of conduct, continues on in the belief that secrecy is imperative.
→ Youngest of two siblings, doesn't keep in touch with her sister or her parents at present.
→ Considered within her family to be the 'good egg', in reality, Hollis is just pretty damn good at not getting caught.
→ Graduated with a B-average and a handful of clubs under her belt, not that she used any of it in the scheme of higher education.

→ Attended her high school graduation and then hits the road the very next day with a van full of friends to head west - California dreams.
→ Just kidding, the van broke down in Colorado and the musketeers scattered, heading for home.
→ Too proud for her own good, Hollis makes the rest of her way west at a crawl over the course of months, sometimes on two feet and sometimes four.
→ Working full-time at a local cafe, scraping together money and trying to compose a long-term plan.


Face Claim: hallucineon

→ Not an animal person. Claims to be allergic to cats, she's not.
→ Can speak German passably.
→ Leery of strangers, assumes the worst in people until proven otherwise.