Ava Adler

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Ava Adler

Need to Know

- She/Her
- 26 (Nov 15th)
- 5'4"
- Dark Brown Hair
- Brown Eyes
- Pastry Chef in Southeast Portland
- Lives in Southeast Portland


*Slender and pear shaped *Full lips *Multiple ear piercings *One small tattoo of the moon on the back of her neck *Naturally expressive face *Usually wears headphones with no music just so people don't assume she can hear them *Likes tight tops and baggy pants, aims for comfort over style when not in her work uniform.*Usually has at least some of her long hair pulled back *A few small scars and a larger one that runs from her temple into her hairline *Drawn to earthy or crisp colors, not one for very bright color *Prefers blending in

About Me


*Amiable *Dedicated *Loyal *Honest *Passionate *Shrewd *Vulnerable *Strong-willed *Contrary


-Born into poverty to a mother who was never around. Portland Native.
-Never knew her real father.
-Relied on her brother to help provide for her since their mother was never around.
-At the age of seven, was beaten by one of her mother's boyfriends and thrown into the corner of a table.
-Though her older brother Grayson was able to stop the man from doing further harm, she suffered a traumatic head injury and lost her hearing entirely.
-Came into her strange powers as a witch at the age of fifteen when one of her friends were hurt in a hit and run. While they were unconscious, in a panic, she somehow managed to keep their injuries from taking their life, stabilizing them until paramedics arrived.
-Kept her powers to herself and thought that she was a freak until she stumbled upon a fellow witch years later and was told about her gift and the world around them when it came to the supernatural.
-With Grayson's support, managed to finish high school while working a part time job at a local bistro.
-Never received a formal training as she couldn't afford culinary school, but trained as an apprentice for many years before becoming a pastry chef in her own right, working at a high quality bakery in Southeast Portland.
-Has been focused on work and trying to keep her brother out of trouble with the police, so other areas of her live have fallen to the wayside.


Face Claim: Bridget Hollitt

-Has a pet German Shepard named Milo.
-Speaks normally despite being deaf thanks to being born hearing, though she struggles with pronunciations of new words sometimes.
-Knows ASL, but also proficient at reading lips.
-Reacts poorly to being shouted at or berated.
-Suffers from Narcolepsy