Etain Aoife O'Rourke
Shifter – Lion – Bitten

Need to Know

- She / Her
- 28 (Feb 26)
- 5'8"
- Red Hair
- Blue Eyes (Red Eyes)
- in Other
- Lives in Northeast Portland


- Hardly ever leaves the house without at least some degree of makeup.
- Hair is typically left in its natural state, straight. Either down or all the way up, rarely in between.
- Dresses business casual for work, favors darker colors and a more upscale wardrobe in general.
- Fussy about her looks, will almost certainly steal a look in any reflective surface she comes across.
- Fond of nice things, particularly shoes and jewelry, the latter to be styled sparingly.
- No tattoos or piercings outside of her ears, no interest in either.
- Has a raised turning scar along the back / side of her left thigh, a few scattered spots where teeth dug in. Still quiet unhappy about it.

About Me

Ability Description

- Southwest African Lioness
- A couple of sparse spots where fur is concerned along her back from old spats and the scratches received there.


Particular. Withholding. Intelligent. Temperamental. Severe.



- Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois to a mother and father with successful careers in academia and real estate respectively.
- An only child and probable result of a lapse in proper birth control usage, Etain’s childhood comes with a complimentary silver spoon and, perhaps, a lack of warmth.
- She attends private all girl’s schools for the length of her mandatory education. Maintains good grades as expected. Focuses on more academic extracurricular activities: takes a shine in regards to debate and theater
- After college and a ‘skin of your teeth’ admittance, attends Yale following high school, eager to leave Chicago, even if it’s just for godforsaken Connecticut.
- Pursues business administration as a major with a minor in history.
- Makes friends, settles into a niche for the first time - blossoms bit by bit and becomes all that much more self-aggrandizing.
- After a night out with friends celebrating the end of finals and an absurd number of drinks, is convinced to follow a long-term friend out beyond the property line. The remainder is a haze, a blur of impossible force and pain and what felt like certain near death.
- Finds out next morning the creature was a lion, and is a familiar face who’s decided she’s of some merit. Has the great fortune of being hand held through her new life, immediately absorbed into a pride of lions that call New Haven home.
- After years of near-shifts and the learning curve, takes a shine to shifter-dom as her ego continues to expand.
- Stays with the pride after graduation, tries to find work she’s passionate about in New Haven.
- After a number of years with the small but close knit group, things grow suspicious and tense when one of their own seems to vanish into thin air without a word.
- A few weeks later another is found dead in their home, an apparent overdose (an impressive feat, even if it were believable).
- Paranoia, tension, and suspicion mounts among the group which fractures under the weight.
- When their leader is found shot a month from the date of the first disappearance, it sends the group scattering.
- Keeps in contact with a select few whom she trusts, reaches out and lays low as they prepare to leave New Haven, Connecticut, the east coast all together.


- After three or so months of traversing the country, laying low, and spending just as much time woman as beast the presence of a select friends, there is a general yearning to settle.
- Temporarily holed up in northeast Portland, trying to build the foundations of something close to normal once more.


Face Claim: Megan Bea Tiernan

- Speaks conversational French, can’t hold an in depth conversation.
- Subscribes strongly to the supernatural approach of ‘live and let live’.