Caddoc Cyril Callaghan
Shifter – Lion – Born

Need to Know

- He/Him
- 43 (Jan 2)
- 6'0
- Black Hair
- Grey Eyes (Dark Green Eyes)
- in North Portland
- Lives in Northeast Portland


- Understands that good looks are the fastest way to a positive first impression.
- Well groomed, though his hair can get a bit unruly and long.
- Isn't always in a suit, but he's always in a designer brand.
- Long face with angular features that he softens with facial hair.
- Carries himself with confidence, knows how to command a room.

About Me

Ability Description

- Large South African lion with a two-toned mane.




TW: suicide
- Caddoc was born into a prominent shifter family in New Haven, CT.
- Two years later his sister was born. They both had an impeccable pedigree but as they aged he grew into his beast, Cora did not.
- Shocked and ashamed at his sister's struggles, his parents tried their best to keep her away from the rest of the pride they led, forcing her to stay in her room during meetings and, when it was convenient, choosing to deny her existence completely.
- Caddoc was his sister's only friend, though he struggled with her lack of control just as much. Ultimately, judgment eroded Cora's psyche and by high school she'd had one too many close calls with exposure.
- Being a loyal brother, he supplied her with the silver knife she used to slit her wrists and he held her in the bathtub until her body was cold.
- In order to stay close to home and his pride, he attended Yale University with a major in finance and business with a minor in theater, with the latter being his true passion.
- Upon graduation he sought to secure businesses for the pride, traveling and making ties to other supernatural groups around the world for nearly twenty years.
- Eventually, he returned to Yale for his Masters.
- There he met a young woman with the same strain of ideals and ambitions.
- He ushered Etain O'Rourke into the pride with a violent pre-approved bite, as he was sure shifter life would suit her.
- As he progressed he began to take on more responsibility within the group and was set to inherit the head position upon his parents retirement or demise. Death came faster than anyone expected. First it was one, then another, then the patriarch. The first two seemingly benign until his father was sniped outside of their estate.
- His mother, bent on revenge, remained in New Haven while the rest of the group scattered. Having decided to leave with them, his plans were eradicated as quickly as they'd been formed when he was shot in the leg with a silver bullet.
- Managing a narrow escape, he lost touch with the rest of the pride in the chaos.
- His network of finely managed connections paid off and Caddoc coalesced in the hands of a coven.
- A telekinetic removed the bullet and any remaining shards, but there was nothing they could do to aid the healing process and he was left with an ugly scar above his right knee. - He has spent the last few months trying in vain to follow the scattered pride's breadcrumb trail, and though he doesn't have a specific location, he does have a city: Portland.


Face Claim: Edward Saxby