Ophelia Miller
Shifter – Wolf – Bitten

Need to Know

- She / Her
- 26 (Jan 23)
- 5'7"
- Black Hair
- Light Green Eyes (Dark Blue Eyes)
- Dancer / Waitress at Sassy's in East Portland
- Lives in East Portland


• Dresses > pants, temperature hardly ever factors.
• Spends a good deal of time on her appearance, but isn't the sort to shrivel at the idea of leaving the house without makeup.
• A decent number of tattoo's - predominantly on her hands and arms.
• Favors darker colors, isn't the sort to shy from what she wants to wear.
• Hair's naturally auburn, dyes it black religiously and has been for the majority of her adult life.

About Me

Ability Description




→ Born the only child to a quiet, human middle-class couple in the heart Quincy, Massachusetts.
→ Mom dipped out when she was seven, dad moved them out to Rockport when she was just shy of her tenth birthday for work opportunities and a quieter lifestyle.
→ Hates it.
→ Most of her adolescence is quiet. A private school, a caring but terse father, a very small circle of friends,
→ Graduates high school with decent enough grades, loses touch with most of those friends as they go off to college - works as a waitress.
→ Gets bitten by what she assumes to be some sort of dog coming home from a Halloween party when she's nineteen.
→ Earns a nasty little scar on the back of her left calf and a whole lifetime of hassle.
→ Manages to not kill anyone (except for the family dog) during her first month of shifter life.
→ Gets picked up by the local pack and learns how to sort her shit (for the most part) over the course of the next three and a half years.
→ Eager to regain some sense of independence and make a proper life for herself that doesn't involve narrowly dodging her father in a small town, buys a one way as far the fuck from the east coast as she can.
→ Finds a roommate through a Craigslist ad, finds a lucrative job that she's not too good for from that roommate.
→ So far, four blissful years of solitude and independence in Portland.


Face Claim: Lana Graves