Niamh Kilpatrick
Witch – Alteration

Need to Know

- She / Her
- 22 (July 9)
- 5'7"
- Red Hair
- Light Blue Eyes (Orange Eyes)
- Part-Time Sales Associate (Next Chapter Books) in Southeast Portland
- Lives in Southeast Portland


° Tries to dress in a way that embodies her professional goals but also respects her tight budget. ° A lot of tights, dresses, trousers, and blouses - only a few t-shirts for weekends and chores. Almost exclusively neutral or subdued colors.
° Frequently keeps her makeup to a minimum, lip color and eye shadow for special occasions only.
° Has three hair styles: down, ponytail, bun.

About Me

Ability Description

ALTERATION: Can change elements of her appearance to alter how she looks.




° Born and raised in Connecticut as the only child to a set of parents that both have their own unique (albeit, far more useful if you ask her), gifts.
° Far from wanting, her upbringing was an academically focused and solitary one.
° Spent a good deal of her grade school life tossed from one club or sport to the next - all of it within the confines of a number of Catholic private schools.
° Grows up completely aware and accustomed to coven life and practices. Just as her parents do, takes great pride in what she is and has a smidge of a superiority complex about it.
° Parents, less than surprisingly, part ways from one another when she's just entering high school. Opts to stay with her father, with whom she's close.
°As soon as she's able, applies to as many out of state colleges as she can and prepares her things for a lengthy move.
° A third-year student pursuing a Bachelor's in English Literature at Reed College, she manages a solid GPA. ° Holds down a very small and noisy studio apartment just outside of student housing, it's tidy because she can't afford enough luxuries to keep a mess.


Face Claim: Lilia Harlin