Bennet Sinclair

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Bennet Sinclair

Need to Know

- He/Him
- 32 (Oct 30)
- 6'1"
- Brown Hair
- Dark Blue Eyes
- Art Dealer in Northeast Portland
- Lives in North Portland


Bennet is usually clean-shaven, though a bit of scruff isn't unheard of on his days off. He prefers immaculate attire, whether it is casual or formal. He is a bit of a snob when it comes to clothes, not caring about a label, but preferring to spend money on quality. He is slender, with a gymnast's build. He's quite good-looking and he dresses to accentuate that, especially his brilliant blue eyes.

About Me


Bennet is quite good-looking and he knows it. He doesn't tend to use it as a weapon, but he doesn't ignore the benefits either. He works hard to refine his tastes, whether that be in wine, art, food, world politics, or any subject that is of interest at the moment. He would rather talk to a knowledgeable homeless person rather than an ignorant 'elite'. He has an almost supernatural ability to recognize forgeries. He does create some excellent forgeries...which he enjoys for a few weeks and then destroys them. He is an expert in metallurgy. He is a man willing to flirt with anyone. He does tend to migrate towards women, but he has dated his share of men. It's more accurate to say that it is the person that interests him, rather that the outer package. As a result, he's rather picky in who he lets into his life.


Bennett was born on Long Island, New York, to an affluent family. Almost nothing is known about his early years and it is something he rarely speaks of. One known fact is that he learned of his paternal grandfather, Jeffrey Sinclair, a man of humble origins and lifestyle, that 'embarrassed' his family. It is known that Bennet ran away from home somewhere between the ages of 13-16. It was his grandfather that searched the city streets relentlessly until he found the boy. And, through his grandfather, he learned to love art. He took classes where he could and Bennett lived with him until he passed on six years later. Since Jeffrey spoke against the Nazi regime and spent years in a camp, Bennett has a deep-seated hatred for war crimes and especially, Nazi-looted art. There was one piece in particular that Jeffrey keenly felt the loss. Through sheer coincidence, Bennet saw the painting in a magazine while waiting in the dentist's office. A multi-millionaire had bought it and it was on display in his home. It took four months to plan the heist. His grandfather figured out what the boy was about and was not happy, at all. But, he also recognized that Bennet was going to do this with or without his help. So, Gampa Sinclair became a one-time wheel man. Before leaving with the painting, Bennet put a printed list of all the known art stolen by the Nazis and pinned it to the wall. The piece was highlighted. Bennet's theft was never reported. But, it was the start of a secondary career, becoming proficient in the art of theft. Early on, when one piece proved to be arcane in nature, his elemental power activated. Since then, he's expanded his knowledge, is always looking for local talent, and is known to broker deals (mostly legal). He's very proud of his art gallery, and makes certain it's reputation is without question.


Face Claim: Matt Bomer