Claire Tillman

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Claire Tillman
Shifter – Lion – Born

Need to Know

- She/Her
- 38 (Dec. 3)
- 5’9”
- Brown w/ Naturally Highlighted Hair
- Dark Blue Eyes (Pink Eyes)
- TBD in Other
- Lives in Outskirts


+ Usually wears loose fitting or stretchy clothes that won’t restrict her movements. (If she has to wear them at all.)
+ Hardly ever wears a bra... they just aren’t comfy.
+ If she had to choose a style, it’d be boho.
+ Loves patterns or intricate designs that will keep her eye and her mind busy.
+ Wears her hair loose and curly. Rarely puts it in a high pony tail.
+ Slim build.
+ Dark blue eyes that look brown depending on the light.

About Me

Ability Description

+ Light cream fur with a white underbelly
+ Center of her nose is pink
+ Pale pink eyes
+ Solidly built with moderate muscle with little room for fat pouches
+ Reference


+ wise
+ quiet
+ hesitant
+ agreeable
+ loyal
+ protective
+ observant
+ emotionally stubborn



+ Born into a lion shifter pride in New Haven, CT along with one twin brother. + Her brother was the star of the show, blending in with both humans and their pride while Claire liked to remain with pride members.
+ Her parents often shoved her into school activities to try and get her to acclimate, but Claire failed at all physical, close contact sports.
+ Found a certain love with knitting and sewing, reading and helping others.
+ Was one of the quieter shifters in the group who observed everything and said nothing.
+ When she came of age, she chose to stay with the pride, the only family she knew and didn’t want to leave.
+ Lived comfortably until things started to grow unusually suspicious when one of their pride members vanished into thin air.
+ A few weeks later another is found dead in their home, an apparent overdose (an impressive feat, even if it were believable).
+ Paranoia, tension, and suspicion mounts among the group which fractures under the weight.
+ When their leader is found shot a month from the date of the first disappearance, it sends the group scattering.


+ Claire heard some of her former pride members moving to in Portland, OR so she moved there in search of the only family she knew.


Face Claim: Zoë Camille

+ Since she was born as a shifter, some of her actions will be feline in nature: reactions, emotions, etc.
+ The heightened the emotion, the closer her feline is to her and the more animalistic she is
+ Loves books
+ Loves laying around and relaxing
+ Has no timeline but her own.