Phoebe Ashby

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Phoebe Ashby
Witch – Healing

Need to Know

- She/Her
- 31 (Aug 4)
- 5'6"
- Dark Brown Hair
- Amber Eyes (Gold Eyes)
- Owner of Ashby's Apothecary in North Portland
- Lives in Northwest Portland


- sassy and classy
- everything she wears comes with a hefty price tag
- can be anything from true religion jeans and a gucci t-shirt to a little black designer dress
- hair and make up are always done; gotta look like a boss if you want to be a boss

About Me

Ability Description

The 'Cans':
- can heal most wounds, including major and fatal wounds; though these do require immediate response, as there is a point of no return.
- can restore memory from trauma, though any magical form of amnesia requires a more magical solution.
- can heal both animal and human (or any variant in between)
- can ease chronic pain or pain from old wounds,

The 'Cannots':
- cannot heal terminal illnesses, old wounds, or chronic disorders
- cannot heal genetic issues/disorders
- cannot heal vampires (for obvious reasons)
- cannot heal self
- cannot 'undo' healing/create trauma
- cannot reattach limbs if they are severed; healing requires parts to be attached to the body

The 'Pros':
- strong in her ability
- great for business
- feels a 'rush' in the midst of healing, though the 'comedown' is rough

The 'Cons':
- fatiguing on her body, especially if used in quick succession of each other
- headaches or nosebleeds can occur if the injury is great
- irritability
- it's possible for her to 'take on' the pain of an injury for a period of time; though this depends on a variety of things, including level of injury and how fatigued she was at the time of healing. Though, sometimes it just 'happens'--not something she can control entirely


Phoebe is very much a people person, she thrives in groups and loves being surrounded by people. She's very much an 'alpha' personality, and is often times the decision maker in situations. She likes her alone time, like any other person, but very much vibes with people and often seeks them out. Because of this she can often be found at bars and clubs, galleries, and anything else that involves being out in public.

This goes hand in hand. Phoebe is very respectful to people who are respectful back. She doesn't take disrespect well and it's the fastest way to flip the 'bitch' switch. Phoebe was raised right though; she respect her elders, she's not rude or catty without cause, and she would never kick a person while they were down. However, once that switch is flipped, that warm heart that she so freely shows people can turn icy in a nanosecond.

Sounds worse than it is, but it goes hand in hand with the trait above. Phoebe is very nice until a point comes where being nice is no longer an option. Her temper if fiery and instant--there is no such thing as a slow burn with Phoebe, once she has decided that you are an enemy and not an ally she will do everything in her power to destroy your life until you apologize or simply disappear. Is it super healthy? Probably not. Does she care? Not really. As she's gotten older, that volatile nature of her temper has been tempered, but it does occasionally rear it's ugly head.

As stated before, Phoebe definitely has an 'alpha' attitude; she's not one to take the backseat to anyone. She is a decisive and she is not shy about letting you know what her opinion is. Was once voted 'person who could argue anything' in high school, and while she rarely tells people this, it is a title she's proud of; that being said, once she has made a decision, good luck getting her to change her mind or see things from your side of the tracks.

Once Phoebe decides she likes you--puts you square into that friend category, she is as loyal as they come. She would do anything for the people in her inner circle, legal and illegal, doesn't matter. If there is a way that she can help you out, she'll do everything in her power to do just that.


Phoebe was born into the Ashby family, as such she has known nothing but privilege her entire life. She didn't grow up with a silver spoon in her mouth--that bitch was diamond encrusted gold. She had the best nannies, the best tutors, and went to the best school as she grew up. Her trust fund is actually ridiculous, but that's what happens when you come from old money. And the Ashby's are old money. Wealthy during The Great Depression kind of old money. May or may not vacation with The Kennedys kind of old money. She never wanted for anything, and still does not. Phoebe's childhood was beautiful, though the pressures of expectations had plagued her since birth. She was supposed to marry rich--preferably a Senator, pop out beautiful babies, and remain a strong figure in the background of her husband's career.

It didn't take long for her family to realize she wasn't about that life.

If they didn't want a headstrong and powerful daughter, then her parents shouldn't have created one. And create one, they did. From a young age, Phoebe was either around or participated in magic--coming from a long line of witches, she had learned from a young age how to get her way in all things. Most of it took help, of course, as most magic requires a coven, but it didn't take long for Phoebe to discover she had her own power. Not the one she had expected, as healing wasn't really high on the list of desires, but she's worked with what she got. She would have preferred more of a offensive ability, though she would have taken defensive as well. Healing was just, an after thought.

Eventually, after college (at a beautiful Ivy League school, of course) Phoebe made her way West and settled in Portland. Her parents weren't all that happy, considering they had a plan for her since birth, but she convinced them that starting a coven on the west coast and having a daughter who made something of herself on her own would look great for the Ashby reputation. They agreed, bitterly, but they didn't cut her off. Which was a win, since Phoebe doesn't know how to be anything other than obnoxiously rich. She opened the Ashby Apothecary shortly after arriving to Portland and getting settled.


Face Claim: Shay Mitchell

Ashby Apothecary is her pride and joy, and she spared no expense in making it absolutely beautiful. Styled after an old school style apothecary, she filled it with herbs and new age bullshit for all those humans in Portland that like to be 'spiritual' and be 'witches' but don't hold the magic in their blood; but that's not where she makes her money--makes her reputation. No, that's a front. A pretty front, but a front. At this apothecary, Phoebe uses those 'tinctures' and 'salves' she creates to heal as a way to trick humans into letting her touch them in order to heal them--something she charges a hefty price tag for, but she hasn't had any complaints from clients of them 'not working'. For those of the more supernatural sort, Phoebe's shop is a place for them to come to get the things that are hard to come by. Are you a witch who needs blood for a spell but don't feel like going out and getting it? Phoebe's got some. A Shapeshifter needs healing after getting nicked from silver? Come on in. A Vampire who needs blood but either can't or don't want to go out hunting? Pick your blood type boo, she has the hookup. Are you a Striga that got caught out in the sun, come take a rest in the back room until the sun goes down. You'll have to pay rent, but it's affordable. Did you die and now you can't tell your loved ones how much you love them? Come see your girl, she'll pass along the message. Phoebe prides herself on being able to get things done, and she'll do her best to accommodate any paying customer. Don't have cash? Phoebe isn't opposed to taking other forms of payment. For the right price, Phoebe is a very hospitable person.