Killian Clarke
Shifter – Wolf – Born

Need to Know

- He/Him
- 30 (March 23)
- 6'2
- Dusty Brown Hair
- Blue Eyes (Green Eyes)
- Landscaper in North Portland
- Lives in North Portland


- Frequently compares himself to the Brawny paper towel man.
- Hair is usually chin length or longer. Beard is a little more well-trimmed, but he's rarely lacking facial hair.
- Wears his father's watch every day, as less of a memento than the constant reminder to be better.
- His work keeps him fit which is good because he can't be assed to go to the gym.

About Me

Ability Description

- Large brown shaded timber wolf.


- Is a rational man, but his natural impulsiveness can make him reckless.
- Passionate and tends to express himself physically.
- He's spontaneous and enjoys being kept on his toes by the people around him.
- Has a deep-seated brutish streak.
- Possesses and extremely immature sense of humor.


- Born to the leader of a large pack on the outskirts of Tacoma, WA.
- Grew up with his beast, sharing his mind, his dreams, and his desires with his wolf.
- By puberty his father was grooming him to take over, though Killian showed no interest or talent for the job.
- He was pushed anyway, particularly when border scuffles with other packs in the area turned brutal.
- During one such fight Killian used the carnage and distraction to leave his life for good. He ran, spending the next few years completely feral.
- The call of his beast was incredibly strong, the simple systems of nature easy for him to understand, and there was a time when the wolf warred with him to stay in his fur forever. Eventually, he pulled himself back to society and eked out a living maintaining lawns and gardens.
- Recently ventured West again, stopping at Portland and refusing to go farther.


Face Claim: Wouter Peelen