Kaiden Seo

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Kaiden Seo (born: Kangmin Seo)
Shifter – Leopard – Bitten

Need to Know

- He/Him
- 29 years (Feb 4)
- 6’2”
- Dark brown/Black Hair
- Dark Brown Eyes (Blue-Green Eyes)
- Head Chef in North Portland
- Lives in North Portland


- Tall
- Clean shaven
- Cares about his appearance, so he always makes sure to dress nice even when casually.
- Depending on the day, Kaiden will either part his hair to the side or let it do it's own thing if he's feeling lazy.
- Prefers wearing neutral colors

About Me

Ability Description

Grey and white fur with spots, large paws, and a long and thick tail.


strict | responsible | ambitious | competitive | dry humor | irriatable | hardworking

Kaiden is always the one his friends are first to call when they get into any sort of trouble. He is always making sure they stick to a schedule, the designated driver, and the one that calls all the shots. He wants to see his friends succeed and so he is always willing to lend a helping hand when he’s able to. He is also as strict as they come and can be a bit arrogant at times. He is picky and likes things done a certain way, his way and has a problem controlling his temper and can be stubborn.


Kangmin (Kaiden) Seo was born in Seoul, South Korea. Ever since Kangmin (Kaiden) was a child whenever anyone would ask what he wanted to be when he grew up his answer would always be, “a civil servant”. Having grown up in a household where both parents were civil servants it wasn’t unusual for kangmin to want to do the same. In fact, his parents supported his decision because it would set him up for a stable future.

Also in the Seo household were three younger siblings that ranged from 5-10 years difference in age from kangmin. With both his parents working long hours, it was his responsibility to make and pack their meals, ensure they woke up on time, and did their homework and helped with chores. Perhaps it was due to missing their parents, but all his younger siblings were difficult and rambunctious. No matter, kangmin always managed to find a way to get his way at the same time ensuring they were happy.

Although Kangmin had his hands full at home, he still managed to join the school’s soccer team. His personality at school was no different than how he acted at home. Strict with his studies and soccer, Kangmin was often the friend that would schedule for study groups and was determined to have his friends and teammates to pass their classes.

tw: alcohol and abuse

It wasn't until his second year in high school did he realize that his parents were beginning to struggle financially. His father was let go from his position and stayed at home drinking away the days. Kangmin decided to get a part-time job to help feed and clothe his younger siblings.

At first, his father was calm and laid back as a drunk. sitting in the living room watching old sitcoms or game show reruns, or he could be found sitting outside their front porch drinking. It wasn't until a few months into his unemployment where Kangmin noticed a slight change. If he hadn’t accidentally seen the bruises on his mother’s arms that she did her best to hide with makeup and long sleeves, he wouldn’t have noticed.

Concerned for his mother, he packed their bags and was ready to leave before she stopped him. she loved the man, his mother said. it didn’t matter what he did to her, because she failed him as a wife. Pissed off at her words he walked back in the house and yelled at his father causing a scene. A few punches were thrown before the police arrived and arrested his father. It wasn’t long before he was released again. Kangmin was determined not to allow his siblings to live in a home that housed a drunk and abusive man. He packed away their belongings and They moved in with their grandparents. Feeling torn that he left his mother behind, but she had made her decision and he was going to do his best to make sure his siblings were safe.

Soon after moving in with his grandparents they moved to Portland, Oregon, United States. It was something new and to be frank, Kangmin wasn’t exactly sure how he was going to survive in a new country. His grandparents convinced him and his siblings to take on new names, Kaiden was the one he settled on for himself.

A senior in high school in Portland, Kangmin struggled for a while before he became more comfortable. He had his parents to thank for enrolling him in an International school while in South Korea that helped him with his English. Speaking was different than writing and reading it though, there were even times when he felt lost by only listening. It was a challenge, but one that he welcomed and was determined to not let it get the best of him. After graduating high school he went to school to become a culinary chef.

During his university years, Kaiden stayed with his grandparents, got himself a full time job while going to school full time and tending to his siblings. He often helped them with their homework while doing his own, but there were also times he would lock himself in his room and study day and night.

One night he went to work on a project with a few classmates and went out for drinks afterwards. That was the night Kaiden was bitten on his way back home. The following days were interesting to say the least and at times he felt anxious because of the ability to sense things he hadn’t been able to clearly before.

It took time for Kaiden to adjust to his new life and at times he feels there is much he doesn’t understand and wants to learn. After graduating, he went to work at a hotel on the North side of Portland and worked his way up to Head Chef.


Face Claim: Minho Lee