Gracie Han

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Seo-yeon "Gracie" Han
Witch – Telekinesis

Need to Know

- She/Her
- 27 (Dec 8)
- 5'1"
- Dark Brown Hair
- Light Brown Eyes (Light Purple Eyes)
- Hotel Event Coordinator in North Portland
- Lives in Astoria


+ Petite
+ Slender
+ Dresses very feminine and girly, loves dresses and cute skirts
+ Fond of pastels
+ Nails are always manicured and immaculate.
+ Hair is normally straightened and sometimes pulled back by a ponytail or a headband
+ Wears jewelry sparingly, but often prefers pendants and bracelets over rings

About Me

Ability Description

Telekinesis: The ability to move objects with her mind. Hers manifests as more of a defense than an offense so her non-blocking uses of this power are subpar in comparison.


+ Scrupulous
+ Sassy
+ Prim
+ Hard-Working
+ Genuine

- Cheeky
- Sarcastic
- Finicky
- Narcissistic
- Impulsive


Gracie was born Seo-yeon Han to South Korean immigrant parents, Ji-hoon (John) and Eun-ae (Luna) Han in Jeju-si, South Korea. Until the age of six, she was raised in Seoul before her parents were able to move to the United States and chose to settle in Astoria, Oregon. Her Korean name translates to "felicitous omen, beautiful and graceful" which led to the selection of her English name, Gracie. She is the eldest of three children, her younger siblings being Charles and Alice. Growing up, she was a bit of a tom boy, often wearing overalls and having her hair up in braids. She didn't embrace her femininity until high school. Despite her size, she made up for it with with her assertiveness and presence, she wasn't easily ignored as a youngster and she was equally as precocious and defiant as she grew older, sometimes to the point of sassing her teachers. Her parents were working class growing up so she learned to value things such as money and material things more. It was her parents that inspired her amazing work ethic as she realized she wouldn't get anywhere in life unless she worked for it.

From a young age, Gracie was a go-getter that was never afraid to speak her own opinion. She was a great believer in common sense but she was also one to fall to her own imagination at times. Growing up, they didn't have as many fancy things as their schoolmates did for the longest time, the Han children could only use their imagination to keep them entertained. There were days when they pretended to be space cadets and pirates, and nights under pillow forts defending against elves from a rival forest. It wasn't until Gracie was in fifth grade did their parents save up to get the kids a video game and though squabbled over it constantly, it was their first taste of a luxury and it was one they all cherished and took care of well, even when it became obsolete with age. To have nice things, one had to have money, and to have money, generally one worked for it. Allowances for the Han kids were rare and based on chores and good grades so it was always a competition to see who did the best. It was one dollar an A with a five buck bonus if you had the best grade in the house. Only the best Han for themselves in that situation.

Magic wasn't something that Gracie had thought she'd find, let alone in herself. Neither of her parents had magic but her great aunt Sun-hee was a witch, just not one she knew about as she had been shunned by the rest of her family. When Gracie began showing signs of magic, particularly her gift of Telekinesis, her parents had to teach her how to hold her temper. They didn't want their daughter to be ostracized or sent away to a mental institution especially since this gift came at the onset of puberty (though it had manifested itself as a way of defense when Gracie was scared), they had hope it was just a peculiarity that would clear itself up eventually but that wasn't the case. Gracie struggled with this secret, as it was something that made her different but it was also something that she shared with her brother Charlie even if his gift wasn't the same. It made her closer to Charlie than Alice over the years and that's why the gap between Charlie and her in her adulthood ran so deep. They were like yin and yang and she would always look after him.

Rushing into things head first was not uncommon for the eldest Han child. Even if she could be considered incorrigible, she was also strong-willed and resilient. If she was bullied for her height or reading glasses, she would push back. Most bullies didn't stick around for long when she didn't tolerate their crap though that didn't earn her too many friends in school. If anything it ensured her position as a master manipulator. She attended a public school but many of her peers lived in nice neighborhoods and had nice things. The art of the hustle was something that brought her these nice things and it wasn't hard to use her silver tongue to get what she wanted. She could be your best friend or your worst enemy, that was the game she played. Since she didn't have any money, she had to use her brains and that turned her into a business woman and with that came a sense of power. School trading at lunch time and recess was the optimal time for her to get ahead of her classmates. Again, it wasn't something that garnered close friends but it made her time in school bearable as a way to pass the time and capitalize on most of her classmates' stupidity.

Suffice to say, her teenage years were lonely. When you treated everything like a business transaction, expecting to get something out of it, it made personal relationships sound like foreign concepts. She was often at odds with her parents and even her siblings growing up despite being close during their childhood because everything felt like a competition and Gracie wanted to win. She had to line everything up and the divide the developed between her and Charlie became very real. She was president of the debate club, valedictorian, she even did volunteering after school just so she could earn a scholarship to Portland State University. Every little inch and push brought her to the top and in college the sudden sense of loss left her feeling empty. College life was a fresh start. She lived away from her family, she didn't have to be that girl that she was in the public school system. She was meticulous, practical, and honestly, she missed everything that came before. Late nights with a flashlight under the covers of her bed reading a book. Pillow forts in the living room while playing pretend with her siblings. She hated the person she had become...but she couldn't stop now.

Everything was met with mixed reviews. Her parents praised her for getting into college and doing well, but berated her for not coming home to visit them. The city was busy and alive, something she thought she wanted, but she missed the view of the ocean at night, and the quiet ambiance of waves hitting the sandy shore. Instead, she heard car honks and sirens, sometimes all night long and Gracie often lost sleep over it. Texts were common place with her siblings and a lot of the time she'd figure out stuff that had happened in their lives because of social media. It made her feel cut-off like she was living on a secluded island, she its sole resident, a cast away that absorbed information through messages in a bottle, that gave dejected glances at the sea. So there was really only one thing Gracie could do after she graduated college and finally earned her degree. She had to find herself.

That meant letting her hair down and not pinching every penny she had. When was the last time she smiled? Saw the aquarium? Her life was put into prospective and if she didn't like what she saw, she knew she had to change that. Where was Gracie? Who was Gracie? Those were the internal questions. The first she learned about herself was her alcohol allergy. It turned out night clubs and ER visits equaled a bad night. After that her parents wanted her home to recover but her journey wasn't done yet. It was something that would remain in progress for a long time, and the next step was reaching out to her parents and her siblings. It felt like she hadn't had a real conversation in a long time. Vacant smiles and uncertain eyes. When had they become strangers? That wouldn't do at all. Step two in Gracie finding herself - return to her roots. For the first time in years, she stayed up with her mother as the old woman brushed and put up her hair into neat braids just like she had them as a kid. Then she went fishing with her father. And after many experiences with her parents over a summer, a summer where Gracie felt stable and no longer had to wear a mask. She was still a witch but one that was getting her shit together.

Her siblings weren't as easy. They all lived very different lives now. She couldn't just knock on their door and pretend that pick up where they left of as kids. There were a lot of scars there and resentment. The first step was to meet them on neutral ground. She had lunch with them both individually and over time Gracie remembered who she was with them and who they were together. She had missed that more than anything. Though she hadn't realized it, she had her two best friends back, two people who understood her more than anyone else. And for the first time in years, Gracie came home to cry tears of relief. The next step to Gracie's self-discovery plan was to find her own sense of style. Aka part one of "Gracie getting her shit together". She had always added a feminine touch to her clothing since high school but she realized she wanted to go all the way in that department. Embrace the curve as they say and Gracie wasn't afraid anymore, it gave her hope.

And finally part two of "Gracie getting her shit together" where emotionally she was better but now she had to figure out life's most daunting task - a job. Job hunting was the single most agonizing venture she had ever undertaken after her journey of self-discovery which was still in progress. Some days it was liking running around in a circle. She was under qualified, she was overqualified, her work experience was practically non-existent. Resumes were her bane, it was simply a list of information where she had to talk herself up and for the old Gracie that was nothing but for the new Gracie it was complicated and her references were subpar at best. Being the self-professed queen of keeping it real, she had to to ask for help. Asking for help was like throwing her paddles in the water while her canoe was sinking and flailing at passerby boats to throw her a life preserver. It was akin to giving up in some households and though it seemed silly she procrastinated in visiting her old college roommate and asking...if they'd sit down and help her work out a resume. It was probably just her pride but she hated owing people favors. Gracie Han was beholden to no one.

That being said she was grateful that her college roommate was kind enough to help her sort it out. Gracie had a degree in hospitality management and after applying to many jobs in the area, she finally landed an assistant coordinator position at a local luxurious hotel. Once she had experience she could become certified and work as a coordinator which was good news for the current one as he was nearing requirement and needed someone new he could train to conform to the hotel rather than the other way around. He was a grumpy old man for the most part and they sassed each other multiple occasions but eventually she earned that certification and he began trusting her with bigger and bigger projects surrounding her job. It wasn't until she was twenty-five did Mr. Jacobs let her know that he was officially retiring and that she would be taking his position as the on-site event coordinator. It was bittersweet since it meant she wouldn't be working with him anymore but she was finally able to come into her own when it came to her career. What was even more odd was being on the other side of the job hunting track as she got herself a new assistant, a young graduate fresh from college that she had to whip into shape but it was nice. Gracie had earned it.

The next two years went by fairly quickly. Gracie had to learn how to sink or swim in terms of the hotel's pickier clients and the juxtaposition between her petite self and her tall assistant was sometimes jarring to their clientele. She gained a new colleague, some hotshot from South Korea that thought he could roll into her turf and poke at her for borrowing food from the kitchen. He might have been a big fish there but he was in a bigger pool now and she wasn't afraid to knock him down a few notches. The other employees didn't call her the shark for nothing because this was her hotel (when the manager wasn't around at least) and she ran a tight ship. Sure, that included snack breaks and her educating her assistant on important and possibly irrelevant life lessons but that was just part of her usual routine. Gracie had grown comfortable enough in the hotel that she felt a deep sense of loyalty to it even if that meant she was a workaholic who questioned her lack of a social life on a daily basis. Clearly "Gracie getting her shit together" pt 3 would happen in the future but for now, Gracie just wants to survive the latest rush of events and pretend she wasn't annoyed by the hotel's new chef. Let's see how long she lasts.


Face Claim: Jenn Im

+ Gracie has an acute alcohol allergy.
+ You dislike nicknames? Too bad, Gracie's going to give you one and then sulk if you give her one.
+ Though she'll be the first to tell you it's a load of crock, Gracie's secretly fascinated by astrology signs and tarot cards.
+ She is most definitely a tsundere cinnamon roll that likes to think she can kill you.
+ Petty is her favorite color.
+ Her favorite color is actually blue. She just wished her mother knew that.
+ Despite being a self-professed lady, she does have a great right hook and she's not afraid to use it.
+ Her MBTI Type is INFJ-T despite being a social chameleon, she actually isn't a fan of being around a lot of people, they tend to tire her out.
+ Her Star Sign is Sagittarius [element: fire] and she was born the year of the Monkey [1992, element: water].
+ Her favorite Disney movie is The Little Mermaid and her favorite book is The Secret Garden.
+ Her favorite animated film is Scooby Doo on Zombie Island and her favorite movie is Princess Diaries 2.
+ She does a lot of cursing in her head but rarely out loud. She's got the reputation of a lady to keep, you know.
+ She's a foodie.
+ She tends to binge tv shows on Netflix on her train rides to and from Portland.