Aurelio Sandoval

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Aurelio Daniel Sandoval

Need to Know

- he/him
- 22 (July 3rd)
- 6'1"
- Dark Brown Hair
- Brown Eyes
- Art Student in North Portland
- Lives in Northeast Portland


- Muscular Build
- Wears Causal outfits, like sweaters, jeans and plain shirts
- He prefers wearing darker colors with a pop of color with every outfit
- Sometimes wears beads around his neck, choker style
- Thick Eyebrows
- Both ears are pieced, he often wears studs but has to frequently piece his ears after he shifts
- He has naturally straight hair

About Me


+ Playful
- Cheeky
+ Flirty
- Short-tempered
- Protective
+ Clever
- Mischievous
+ Devoted
- Proud


  • He was born eleven minutes before his fraternal twin, Basilio. His father was bitten fox shifter while his mother was born.
  • Aurelio was groomed to be the heir of his father's software company which he wasn't too interested in as he wanted to work in movies as a costume designer and might dabble in special effects make-up.
  • Lio's childhood was happy for the most part but he felt like his father was really pressuring him to take over the company one day.
  • His brother and him grew up with a nanny, attending classes like ballroom dancing and piano which Lio disliked. They went to a private school in Northeast Portland where he could finally explore other interests.
  • His brother and him became friends with the live in maid's daughter in which with whom they often played with. Lio loved to tease her and even make her cry, but he was very fond of her. Her name was Mia.
  • Lio had an argument with his father as he wanted go to art school but his father wanted him to take over the family business eventually, they came to compromise as the his twin brother decided that he would take over. Lio appreciated his brother a lot for that and he promised, he would return the favor to him whenever he could.
  • When Lio was accepted into Art school, he struggled a bit initially as he didn't what he wanted to study under. He had finally decided to major in costume design.
  • Lio started dating his childhood friend, he isn't aware that his brother has feelings for his girlfriend but he can feel that his brother seems to be upset with him about something but he doesn't know what it is about.
  • He has been enjoying his freedom lately and is happy that he can do what he wants however, he does feel rather guilty for forcing his brother to become the new heir. He hopes that he would make their father proud more than Lio ever could. Still, he hopes that he didn't prevent his brother into going after his dream.


Face Claim: Marco Gumabao

- He is the older fraternal twin of Basilio Sandoval.
- Third Generation Filipino.
- Father was a Witch before he was bitten.
- Aurelio is an artist/designer, he likes fashion and special effects make-up.
- Aurelio or his brother may become a familiar to Vincent's daughter.
- Was a drama kid in high school and did a few plays.
- Likes Sushi and Seafood.
- Former Playboy
- is the more Expressive Twin.
- Loves Horror Movies for the make-up effects and adores Historical dramas for the costume design.
- Fluent in Spanish, Tagalog, English, German.
- Loves to attend parties and dress up himself and other people.
- Likes to Cosplay
- Favorite Color is purple.