Basilio Sandoval

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Basilio Vincent Sandoval
Shifter – Fox – Born

Need to Know

- He/Him
- 22 (July 3)
- 6'1"
- Dark Brown Hair
- Brown Eyes (Light Blue Eyes)
- Student in North Portland
- Lives in Northeast Portland


+ Muscular
+ Normally well-dressed but if he doesn't have to be anywhere, a hoodie, jeans, and converse sneakers are his go to.
+ He prefers dark or neutral colors.
+ His only accessories are his wristwatch and cross necklace.
+ If he's lazy, he just brushes out his wavy hair but if he needs to be presentable, he'll straighten it.
+ Thick Eyebrows
+ Sometimes he pierces his ears, normally around the top rather than the lobe. It's redone sporadically since they re-close quickly and he doesn't always want them.

About Me

Ability Description

Bas looks like an average Fennec Fox, ears and all though he is often told that he looks like a fluff ball. His fur is an amber brown mixed with white and he has a thick tail.


+ Strategic
+ Musically-Inclined
+ Defiant
+ Gritty
+ Quick-Witted

- Quiet
- Crafty
- Sensitive
- Tends to compartmentalize his feelings and has a hard time expressing them.

In a nutshell, he's hot, cold, and awkward in terms of his mannerisms.


  • Basilio was born eleven minutes after his fraternal twin, Aurelio. His parents were Emilio Sandoval and Cassandra Young, both Fennec fox shifters (bitten and born respectively). The witch his mother was a familiar to was present at his birth and his middle name, Vincent, was after him.
  • Emilio looked after the family business, a software company he founded in the eighties and began grooming his eldest, Aurelio to one day take over.
  • Bas childhood was a happier time. His parents were wealthy, they lived in one of the more quieter and well-groomed neighborhoods, Beaumont-Wilshire and they often got what they wanted, except for their parents to be home with them, unfortunately.
  • The boys grew up with a nanny and attended after school lessons for piano and ballroom dancing. They went on to attend a private school in Northeast Portland.
  • Aurelio become increasingly disinterested in the family business and instead was more enthralled by art. Bas helped him with his homework to help him keep up so their father didn't get on his case about it since he knew it was important to him. Aurelio went through a blue period in his art starting in the third grade and lasting until high school because neither of their parents were around. Their father was busy due to work and their mother, being a socialite, was either at a party or serving her witch, Vincent.
  • The boys become best friends with the live-in maid's daughter and often played and studied with her after school. Bas eventually developed a crush on her and was always very eager to help her and be there for her while his brother often teased her and often made her cry.
  • After the boys graduated from high school, Aurelio and Emilio have an argument over his future. Aurelio makes a case about going to art school and Emilio insists that his place is at the company. Basilio encourages his father to let Aurelio go and offers to take over for him instead. Though Bas wasn't certain if the family business was the right fit for him either, he wanted to help form a compromise.
  • As Aurelio settled into art school, Basilio attended the University of Portland as a computer engineering major with a minor in business. The classes weren't exactly what he would call fun but he did well and often earned his father's praise. Bas honestly looked forward to his free time more than he did his career.
  • Aurelio begins dating their childhood friend, much to Bas' discomfort as he still has feelings for her. Again, he pushes his own feelings aside for the sake of his brother. This puts a visible strain between the two brothers.
  • With only one year left at the university, Bas realizes he has cold feet about joining his father at the company. Instead, he dreams of one day becoming a detective but there was no way he could tell his father that, not when everyone's depending on him. He's supposed to be the dependable one after all but his armor is beginning to crack. With the walls of his apartment covered in red string due to his investigation into the university's mysteries though, it's only a matter of time until he reaches his full breaking point.


Face Claim: Iñigo Pascual

+ He's the younger fraternal twin brother of Aurelio Sandoval.
+ The Sandovals are Filipino. Bas and Lio are the third generation in the US, their paternal grandfather being a first-generation immigrant.
+ Prior to being bitten, Aurelio and Basilio's father Emilio was a witch.
+ It is expected that one day either he or Aurelio will become the familiar of Vincent's daughter.
+ Bas is an accomplished pianist. He's also able to play guitar.
+ Was a chess master and interstate champion three years in a row during his middle and high school years respectively.
+ Has a distinct fondness for classical and classic rock music.
+ Is trained in ballroom dance (because his parents thought it was a vital skill).
+ He's a picky dater, women with pretty faces are a dime a dozen in his book and if that's their only defining trait, he finds them boring.
+ He rarely smiles genuinely.
+ Has a deep love for detective novels. The stories of C. Auguste Dupin by Edgar Allan Poe are his favorite.
+ Bas is fluent in four languages: English, Tagalog, French, and Spanish.
+ His idea of a good time is staying up to play video games.'
+ Bas' MBTI Type is INTJ and his star sign is Cancer.
+ His favorite color is hunter green.