Joshua Goldberg

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Joshua Ariel Goldberg

Need to Know

- he/him
- 19 (Nov 10)
- 5'7"
- Dark Brown Hair
- Blue Eyes
- Film Student in North Portland
- Lives in Tillamook


- Thick Eyebrows
- His hair usually is mildly curly so he often gels it.
- Has a friendship bracelet that is red and his friend Joey has one that is blue.
- Has freckles on his cheeks.
- In shape but not muscular.
- Wears a watch on his right hand.
- Usually wears leather jackets, ripped jeans and converse sneakers.

About Me


- Vindictive
+ Determined
- Intense
+ Imaginative
- Forceful
+ Intelligent
- Competitive
+ Empathetic
- Rebellious
+ Independent


  • Born Joshua Ariel Goldberg to Benjamin Goldberg and Akari Ito. His father is Jewish while his mother is half-Japanese and half-German. His mother is a witch.
  • He grew up with his next door neighbor in Tillamook, Joey Evans. They were imaginative as children and went on imaginary adventures.
  • They started their youtube channel in 2014, using Joey's video camera that he got on his birthday.
  • He liked photography and old films in school, the reason why he become a film student.
  • They went on break for a year, when Joey started his first year at College and Josh was finishing up his final high school year since they were far away from each other.
  • He finally graduates High school and goes to college with Joey. He gets a work study job at the university library as a item clerk in the film section. Where he takes a liking to his co-worker, a young librarian.


Face Claim: Griffin Gluck

- Has a conspiracy youtube channel with his friend, Joey called the Knights of Fable.
- A bit of a kleptomaniac and tends to use his powers to steal things from fellow students' dorms.
- His favorite superhero is Nightwing just to spite his friend, Joey who is a Marvel fan.
- His favorite color is Red.
- Hates it when people call him short.
- Favorite food is Pizza.
- Josh is a cheesy flirt.
- Mastermind behind the youtube channel. He edits all the videos.
- Labels and separates food from roommate who is vacuum and eats anything. He has a mini fridge for all his food and drinks that are his. It's often locked so Joey doesn't get into it.
- Don't say his middle name Ariel is named after the Little Mermaid as he will get irritated.