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Vivian "Vee" Hachi Fan

Need to Know

- She/Her
- 25 (Aug 25)
- 5'4"
- Black Hair
- Dark Brown Eyes
- Librarian in Southwest Portland
- Lives in Southwest Portland


+ She prefers to wear comfortable clothing over stylish.
+ Her shoe size is 7 ½ and her dress size is 4.
+ She prefers softer tones regardless if dark or pastels.
+ Tends to wear a lot of jeans and t-shirts but does have a few dresses that she wears for special occasions.
+ Has a special love for jean and leather jackets, as well as short boots.
+ Both ears are pierced, she prefers nondescript jewelry.
+ Hardly wears makeup if anything it’s just eyeliner and gloss.
+ Nails are clean, often polished with pink shades.
+ Her hair is naturally wavy and has a defined loose curl that frames her face, even when she bothers to straighten it.
+ Often carries random items she believes are useful in her purse. Prefers over the shoulder purses over clutches.

About Me


+ Diligent
+ Dedicated
+ Modest
+ Clever
+ Sweet/Affectionate

- Shy
- Stubborn
- Passive
- Sensitive Worrywart
- Overly Apologetic / Analytical


  • Vee was born in Taipei, Taiwan to Chinese parents. She was often babysat by her paternal grandmother who would sing songs and water her plants on the porch while Vee played with her doll. She often told stories of the past – mostly fables, to warn Vee not to wander away from her parents or trust strangers.
  • Her parents moved to Anchorage, Alaska when she was four where her father is headhunted for a company there. The Fans become close friends with their neighbors, the Anawaks, a Inuit family consisting of a single dad and two daughters.
  • Her little sister Wanda “Wonder” is born. Vee is uncertain of becoming an older sister at age five but she slowly warms up to the younger, more rambunctious girl.
  • Vee becomes best friends with Elsie Anawak, the youngest of the Anawak sisters and the only one in her grade. Elsie is more impulsive, bossy, and reckless compared to Vee, who is shy and stubborn, but the two form a close bond and balance each other.
  • Vee’s father dies in a car accident when she is eight years old.
  • She and Elsie receive spirit totem necklaces for their tenth birthdays from Elsie’s father, Jack. Hers is a Swan and Elsie’s is a badger. Vee is told that hers represents grace, serenity, and innocence.
  • The following year, Vee is invited to go with Elsie with her family on a camping trip. Elsie convinces her to leave the tent while her father and older sister are asleep because her dad hadn’t shown them “the good trails”. Vee is too afraid to go beyond where the tent is visible. Elsie chides her for being a big baby and goes ahead anyway and Vee remains in camp to wait for her. Elsie is later attacked by a couple of coyotes after she becomes lost in the woods. Her screams prompt Vee, to run to the tent where Elsie’s father is already awake. He takes his gun and runs into the forest to find Elsie. Elsie succumbs to her injuries not long after she is found.
  • Vee blames herself for Elsie’s death. She starts having nightmares about being lost in the forest and develops a fear of coyotes despite not witnessing her friend’s death nor having seen a coyote in real life outside of visual media. She has also had a harder time making new friends. Her mother brings her to see a therapist once a month to combat these issues.
  • Her mother begins dating Jack Anawak when Vee is fourteen. They marry during the summer of 2011.
  • After graduating high school, she attends the University of Alaska Anchorage, majoring in English. She later finishes her masters in Library Science there. During that time, she meets and becomes engaged to a fellow student named Nolan Yates. Nolan eventually cheats on her, noting that he had "grown bored of her quickly" and the two have a bitter breakup. It is her first and only relationship thus far.
  • Vee’s little sister Wonder moves to Portland, Oregon to attend Portland State University since she wanted to go to a college out of state.
  • Vee eventually chooses to move to Portland to be closer to her younger sister. She is hired to work at the Portland State University library and enrolls as a college student majoring in history to help gain a specialization at her new place of employment. She and her sister eventually move in together and become roommates to save money.
  • Other

    Face Claim: Nana Ouyang

    • She was unaware of her paternal grandmother being a witch until her mother explained it to her when she began manifesting her ability, her grandmother had since passed away. Both of Vee's parents are human.
    • Her star sign is Virgo and she was born the year of wood dog according to the Chinese Zodiac.
    • Vee still sees a therapist regularly though her nightmares about her friend are rare compared to when she was younger. She still has trouble connecting with others but isn’t as shy as she used to be.
    • Often says she’s a terrible cook because she’s not fond of cooking but actually cooks well.
    • Has a fondness for flowers and will often talk to plants while she waters them.
    • Has a small mixed breed dog named Chewy who is a five-year-old Beagle and Maltese cross. He’s very social and assertive and enjoys being around other dogs.
    • Has an aversion to the cold and dislikes insects.
    • Is the sparrow to her little sister’s bluebird. Despite this, the two are extremely loyal to each other.
    • Isn’t aware that there are other witches or supernatural other than the ones she’s related to. Honestly doesn’t even know that her kind are called witches and just assumes that she was born peculiar and uses the termed "blessed". Her ability began to manifest during puberty.
    • She is an INFP to the core.
    • Vee is fluent in English and Taiwanese Mandarin.
    • She is often mistaken for being younger than she is due to her baby-face. Though it annoys her, it comes with its advantages too.
    • Vee does not identify with any particular religion though she grew up in a household that valued and practiced Taoism. She does believe that there are greater forces at work, however, and deeply reveres her ancestors and respects elements in nature.