Everly Phillips

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Everly Mae Phillips

Need to Know

- She/Her
- 24 (Oct 29)
- 5'6"
- Brown Hair
- Brown Eyes
- Uber Driver in East Portland
- Lives in East Portland


+ Fit thick
+ Normally has dyed hair
+ Always has some form of make up on
+ Freckles
+ Heavily tattooed
+ Septum, nose, belly button and ears pierced

About Me


+ Creative
+ Curious
+ Can be dim-witted
+ Gentle
+ Social
+ Lonely
+ Anxious
+ Self-deprecating


+ Grew up as an only child in North Portland to a well-off
+ Since she had everything she ever wanted, Ever often never had to try at anything.
+ She became spoiled at a young age, but her parents didn't feel the need to punish her.
+ Ever soon found her love for supernatural books and fell in love with all things Wiccan at the age of 12.
+ She believes the supernatural is real because if not, the world is boring and worthless.
+ Went through high school with a C average.
+ Went to the local community college and graduated at the age of 23 with a B.A. in Visual Arts.

+ Recently moved out of her parents place into a small apartment on the East side with roommates.
+ Got a job as an Uber driver to help aide her in the start up of her photography business.


Face Claim: Maggie Young Moodie

+ Loves art and photography
+ Works as a photographer in her spare time.
+ Spends as much time outdoors as possible
+ Favorite holiday is Halloween
+ Favorite season is Fall
+ Owns a steel gray 2017 Kia Optima
+ Has a fascination with all things wiccan (potentially wiccan -> secretly believes she is one)