Charlotte 'Charlie' Thorton
Shifter – Cougar – Bitten

Need to Know

- She/Her
- 22 (Jun 6)
- 5'6
- Auburn Hair
- Dark Blue Eyes (Violet Eyes)
- Ranch Hand in Tillamook
- Lives in Tillamook


- Freckles.

- Shoulder length hair that she attempts to put up even though it falls out almost immediately. She refuses to grow it out.

- Usually seen in well-worn work clothes, though she has a secret affinity for more feminine attire. Still, her deep-seated insecurities rarely allow her to get out of the dressing room in anything other than jeans or overalls.

- Average stature, strong and athletic build. She's not skinny.

- Has a raspy, deeper voice that got her mercilessly teased as a kid.

About Me

Ability Description





- Born on the outskirts of Portland to two regular, lower-middle class parents.
- Charlotte knew her father loved her, just as she knew her mother did not. It wasn’t a surprise when she left. The biggest shock was that she hadn’t done it sooner.
- Her mother’s absence didn’t complicate much, though there was the occasional developmental hiccup. Like having to unplug the TV during a football game to get her father to drive her to the store for her first box of tampons.
- Limped through school on a mostly C to D average and was held back in the third grade.
- She began getting teased and responded by lashing out, landing her in detention and then an after school reform program run out of a local stable. It was at Bracken Hill that she found her true passion, purpose, and her best friend.
- Managed to graduate highschool and never once thought of leaving. Does her best to help her dad with his bills, though she lives at the ranch.
- She was recently attacked by a cougar that happened to be a shifter and currently doesn't know her ass from a hole in the ground. She doesn't know what is happening to her or what is going on, but is doing her best to keep her shit together because all she knows is that whatever this is is bad.


Face Claim: Maya Hawke