Mason Davenport

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Mason Lee Davenport
Shifter – Cougar – Bitten

Need to Know

- He/Him
- 29 (Nov 10)
- 6’1”
- Dirty Blonde Hair
- Light Blue Eyes (Hazel Eyes)
- Ranch Hand in Tillamook
- Lives in Tillamook


+ Is a fan of flannels, jeans, t-shirts and handkerchiefs
+ Loves baseball caps and cowboy hats
+ When he's working, his long hair is often in a bun of sorts
+ Wear cowboy boots more often than not
+ Well-groomed

About Me

Ability Description

+ Average-sized cougar
+ Pink-spotted nose
+ Pale yellow eyes with green flecks
+ Gray and tawny coat with a cream undercoat
+ Darker points (tail, paws, ears and muzzle)


+ Respectful
+ Grateful
+ Quiet
+ Protective
+ Responsible
+ Optimistic


+ Grew up in a small town in Oklahoma with one younger brother on a cattle ranch
+ Lived comfortably and learned how to be responsible early on
+ Hardly got into any trouble and was relatively quiet as a child and teenager
+ Often found himself as a silent leader who didn’t care what the loud majority was doing
+ As a teen he found a love for horse and started working as a ranch hand at the local horse ranch
+ When he graduated, he felt pressured by his parents to be the first generation to go to college so he did. Ended up getting a small scholarship to go to college in Portland. + Moved and four years later he graduated with a B.A. in Feed Nutrition
+ Didn’t have enough money to move back so he stayed in Portland. One day he went on a solo hike (he was 25) and was attached by a cougar. He only survived because he shot it in the hind leg to frighten it.
+ Later, on the full moon he found out it was some sort of shifter and has lived his life adjusted.

+ A couple of months ago, when he was out hunting on the full moon when his cougar is most in control, he came across a young woman in Tillamook rather than his prey and attacked her.
+ Was able to regain enough control to run away. He went back later to try and follow the girls scent knowing if she survived she’d more thank likely be like him.
+ He’s been searching for her in Tillamook since.
+ Decided to stay and find work as a ranch hand to see if he could find her again only going off scent and a hazy memory.


Face Claim: Josh Mario John

+ Southern accent
+ Loves animals
+ Owns an old, two-door pick up truck
+ Has a pretty good singing voice
+ Will often hum or whistle when he works
+ Good ol’ Christian boy