Flint Aaronson

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Flint Argo Aaronson

Need to Know

- he/him
- 41 (Oct 22)
- 6'2"
- Dark Brown Hair
- Dark Brown Eyes
- Entertainer in Southeast Portland
- Lives in Northwest Portland


- Long curly hair down to his shoulders.
- Has scruff
- Wears almost anything, leather jackets, graphic tees, jeans even suits on occasion.
- Skinny and lanky
- Thick Eyebrows

About Me


+ Kind
- Daydreamer
+ Goofy
- People pleaser
+ Loyal
- Scaredy Cat
+ Optimist
- Playful
+ Creative
- Naive


  • Flint was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. His father was an israeli immigrant who married his Jewish mother. He was eldest sibling out of 3 children.
  • When Flint started school, he wasn't very popular. He was more of outcast and was really into music specifically rock music. He started his own band in high school but only lasted a few years before graduation.
  • After graduating high school, he went to college in Portland and got a degree in music and minor in songwriting. He got his first job working at a fast food restaurant. He also had his first girlfriend in college, they break up after dating for two months as they wanted different things.
  • He started his career in music officially by joining a band called the Heart Slayers. Where they got a few gigs before getting their first record deal. Flint was about twenty-five at the time.
  • After a band hiatus for a couple years after their third album, he started working out in the gym just for fun. He wanted to do something productive away from music for a bit. So, he started training at the local wrestling academy for fun. He didn't think that he would actually be booked for a few indie shows causing him to make a persona - Jason Inferno. He even sang his own entrance music.
  • After the hiatus was over, it was back to the album making. However, after a few more albums, he found himself acting for the first time after being ask to star in a short comedic film. He loved comedy so much, he started to make his music videos more comedic. He even dabbled in a few stand ups as well as a couple of voice acting gigs on the side. Though his music career always came first.
  • Flint met Zaeda Song at the hospital when he was 29 after he broke his arm.She was his nurse. He managed to get a date with her somehow and after six months of dating, they got engaged. Zaeda got pregnant shortly after the engagement and they married 9 months after the baby was born. They had a daughter and they named her Quindelia Joan Aaronson.
  • Four years after that, Zaeda had another child. It was a boy, he named him, Hawke Elvis Aaronson. Since his wife was resting at the time, he decided to write his birth certificate for the both of them. Then they had another boy five years later, they named him Miles Bowie Aaronson.
  • 2 years later, Flint and Zaeda wanted to adopt more children but at first they had only wanted one child. However, they ended up getting siblings. They were of Mexican descent and the children were abandoned by their mother and the agency didn't know their father. Flint and Zaeda didn't want to split the siblings up so they got all three of them. The eldest one at the time was Elena who was seventeen when they got her. Then her two siblings, Natalia and Antonio. Antonio was fourteen and Natalia was about eleven years old.
  • Flint is now 41 years old, he just finished his 12th album with his band. The band is going another hiatus due to one of his band mates getting cancer. Flint had been training to get back to shape and still does a few indie wrestling shows. Also, he has just started to voice an animated character for a kid's show.


Face Claim: Dan Avidan

- As an entertainer, he has a variety of jobs - part time wrestler, singer and comedian.
- His wrestling name is Jason Inferno, his signature move is the fire ball and his finisher move is the blazing inferno.
- He has three biological children and three adopted children.
- He has a younger cousin named Joseph Evans who is a youtuber.
- Loves 80's music