Siobhan O'Quinn

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Siobhan Riona O’Quinn
Witch – Empathy

Need to Know

- She/Her
- 24 (Nov 6)
- 5’7
- Brunette Hair
- Heterochromatic Eyes (Yellow Eyes)
- Student & Florist in North Portland
- Lives in Southwest Portland


• Heterochromatic eyes. One eye a cold blue, the other a warm hazel.
• Naturally brown hair, but enjoys adding some red hues to it.
• Regularly tends to her lips, keeping them full.
• Generally keep her makeup fairly natural and light.
• Enjoys feminine wear, but also has a thing for athleisure wear.
• Needs glasses, but shifts between them and wearing contacts.

About Me

Ability Description

Empath. (still a baby witch)

The ability to sense and read into other people's emotions; as well as manipulating and projecting emotions (for example her own) on others,
Currently, Siobhan has not gotten very far in her advancements as she's still struggling with the very basics, realising it's a fairly passive ability. And if not keeping them down, it threatens to take over which in turn is very overwhelming.

• Eyes turn a warm yellow/amber when she's tapping into her powers.
• When strained, she'll end up with migraines stretching over a few days.
• Is easily caught in mood swings, coming from trying to control it too much.


• Not very sociable until you get to know her; she still has some issues from her teens.
• Pretty used to getting her way, however, one way or another (thanks dad).
• Can be quite bossy when needed and isn't afraid to speak her mind.
• Generally prefers books over people; but in the same time very fascinated by humans.
• Secretly a huge romantic, but honestly has the worst taste in men. So she doesn't date.
• Family-oriented and what little family she has, she's very protective and caring of.


• Born in New York but moved to Portland when she was little after her mother's passing.
• Did well in school and always had a lot of friends, but things changed as she moved on to high school.
• Was bullied, which had her withdraw from most of the kids her own age, only keeping a selected few.
• Bonded more with her father in her teens and soon he wasn't only her father, but also her best friend.
• Has always been very focused on school and doing well; which later got her into the University of Portland.
• In 2020, she went through an ugly breakup which had her emotions going haywire - which she later recognised as a trigger.
• The following days, her ability came sneaking up on her; picking up on things she hadn't before. It was confusing and overwhelming.
• Siobhan finally brought it up with her father, who sat her down and talked her through it. Explaining what they were.


Face Claim: Kseniya Rain

• Has always been a daddy's girl and is fiercely protective.
• Majoring in psychology at the University of Portland.
• Something of a crazy plant lady. Especially green plants and succulents.
• Usually goes from one place to another by bike, unless it's too far.
• She's a reader and loves the smell of books. Hence the library being her favourite place.