Naomi Salillas

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Naomi Salillas

Need to Know

- She/Her/Hers
- 25 (Nov 3)
- 5'7"
- Brown Hair
- Dark Brown Eyes
- Owner of Bracken Hill in Tillamook
- Lives in Tillamook


Naomi keeps her hair up in a braid or ponytail during the day, though each night when she lets it down she discovers a mysterious abundance of hay, grass and pine needles with no idea how they got tangled up there. Her clothes are always comfortable and sturdy, but more than presentable for work at the front desk.

About Me


Mom friend • Reticent • Self-sacrificing • Born leader • Responsible • Adventurous


Naomi was the middle of three.

Her older sister became a pilot and moved across the country, content to call once every couple of months with a vague update on her life.

Naomi went to University of Portland to get her business degree. Weekdays she devoted to studying by day and partying by night, while every weekend she returned to Bracken Hill to help wherever she was needed.

Her younger sister decided to eschew college in favour of following her passions wherever they lead, and like the rest of Naomi’s family, called only once in a while with updates lacking detail.

Once Naomi graduated, her parents were happy to hand the dude ranch over to her so they could go sailing full-time. Naomi always preferred swaying in the saddle over swaying on the deck, but sometimes still she wanders the main lodge, wanders her childhood home, and wonders why her whole family was so eager to abandon it.

At least she still has her best friend.


Face Claim: Sakura Heffron