Lucian Larsen

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Lucian Larsen
Vampire – Reaper

Need to Know

- Him
- 300 (Jan 2 1720)
- 6'5
- Black Hair
- Blue Eyes (Silver Eyes)
- Bar Owner in North Portland
- Lives in Tillamook


♠ Stern gaze

♠ Immaculate posture

♠ Toned & muscular physique

♠ Usually seen wearing a worn leather jacket

♠ Slicked back hair

About Me

Ability Description

The abilities of a reaper vampire - his talents reside in hunting, the thrill and the chase.


♠ Stubborn

♠ Patient

♠ Charismatic

♠ Cunning

♠ Ruthless


♠ Lucian had a younger brother who was bullied ruthlessly, from a young age he took it upon himself to protect. Growing up in a strict house hold, even his parents picked at his little brother for his 'lack of spine'. They were supposed to be strong, warriors in fact. Lucian often stepped in to protect his brother, when he left for the military, Marcus was the only person he truly missed. He'd hoped that he would be safe. For many years, Lucian would travel back and forth after he was turned, checking in on his brother... The man he became after Lucian left was not a man anyone would wish to know; his pain turned into cruelty... Much as Lucian's did in his later years.

♠ He served in the Slovakian military in infantry as soon as he was able, it had been pressed upon him by his family; they were traditional. He got used to combat over his years in service, he'd eventually taken up an offer from the PŠU, Slovakian special forces. His family assumed he died in action, they didn't seek further information.

♠ When he met his sire, he was on a mission for information for the PSU, she was one of his targets. It turned into a courting as opposed to gathering information. Soon enough, they were sleeping together frequently, growing closer. Little did Lucian know, it was a manipulation. He was the perfect soldier, and he would do anything for her.

♠ When Lucian discovered her betrayal, it became an all out war between them. An older, more skilled Vampire proved a difficult mark to kill. He was relentless, unyielding. He never gave in. She died at his hands, in his grasp and the feeling was oh so bittersweet. The bloodshed she'd inspired, the cruelty she'd caused to blossom within him; he'd never forget her. She changed him.

♠ Lucian managed to locate his sire's wealth. Vanessa often had jewels of great meaning, and rarity. After watching her movements throughout the years, he'd tracked down her most prized possessions and sold them off one by one. Forging a few signatures, pushing a few papers, it wasn't hard to get the rest of her assets when she'd used his name on her documentation as means of manipulation.

♠ After spying a bar that needed a fix up, he decided to settle in Tillamook while working on his new project that would support his work hours. Lucian hadn't really settled after travelling around Europe, but this was a new start.


Face Claim: Jord Liddle