Estelle Parsons
Vampire – Striga

Need to Know

- She / Her
- 148 (Sept 14)
- 5'2"
- Dark Brown Hair
- Light Blue Eyes (Gold Eyes)
- Self-Employed in Outskirts
- Lives in Outskirts


• Keeps a small number of worldly possessions, including clothing. What she does have she usually buys secondhand, carefully curated and well taken care of pieces.
• Believes in quality over quantity in most things, wears a full face of makeup with such low frequency that most of her things are technically expired.
• No tattoos (she doesn't like anyone or thing that much) or piercings outside of her ears.
• Predominantly neutral colors, tries to avoid keeping anything for long enough that she's so out of date that it's eye catching.

About Me

Ability Description





• Born more or less destitute in 1872 to a single mother at a lost to time stop along the Santa Fe Trail. To date, she doesn’t know much about that first year or so, save that it was spent struggling to make ends meet and save up enough to continue their travels westward.
• Similarly, the time spent on the trail are lost to youth, but her mother told her about the struggle enough in life that it’s still cemented in her memory. The family of two settles in Dodge City, Kansas - about as far as their savings will carry them and a promising home base with the expansion of the railroad.
• As the city turns into a hub for many, her mother builds herself a reputation as an entertainer. A sign of the times, it’s something that to date Estelle feels no shame about - instead, she grows up fed and happy enough. Aiding around the home when she can, taking on the brunt of the cooking when there is a boom in visitors, and making friends with people she shouldn’t typically much old and less moral along the way - though she stays sheltered from the worst of it, personally.
• After dinner one evening when she's fourteen, heads out to keep herself busy and make herself scarce as is routine - comes back a while later as usual to an open door and their humble home in disarray.
• A rush to the back finds her face to face with a two-part horror, a mother who's been torn apart and a large and spotted cat, the likes of which she'd never seen before.
• The subsequent chase was short-lived and nearly fatal - earning her a set of scratches deep along her back when the cat took her down. What ounce of humanity peeked through to stop the blood driven rampage is unknown, but it's on her dossier of questions she'd ask the bastard if she could.


• Holes up in the house for what felt like days, eating scraps and ignoring the smell - gets it in her head that the whole thing is impossible and no one will believe her about what happened.
• Afraid of the consequences, hungry and restless, she heads out with little more than the clothes on her back.
• Decides to keep her distance but follow the tracks of the railroad, life gets more confusing still when on the night of the full moon she finds herself in agony and wakes naked in a field the next morning, far from the pathway she'd been following and flanked by two massacred longhorns.
• The next several years are spent piecing together what she is, how it works, avoiding people, making due. Spends just as much time on four paws as she does on two feet (sometimes more), and comes into a comfort in the safety of her animal form.
• Comes to a point where she nearly prefers staying that way, at least until fate should have her coming face to face with another outstanding individual in 1894, just within the limits of New Mexico.
• Finds herself a steady roof over her head for the first time in nearly ten years - pays her way in blood, her own, mostly.
• Keeps off the radar of other unfriendly shifters during this time, learns about the supernatural world and the importance of secrecy. Her luck runs dry when she's twenty-eight, back to the wall agrees to be turned, comes into her new life with a far longer expectancy.


• Ironically travels back east with her sire when she's thirty-five (technically), loses contact when she's nearly fifty as time and experience have her less and less dependent on any one and thing.
• Alone, there is a return to some frightened animal mentality - avoids strigas, shifters, the whole lot of them like some sort of plague itself.
• Spends the next few decades building skills that seem ingrained in modern society: reading, writing, adapting to advances in technology where they apply to her.
• Dreams of world travel, stays stateside but lives restlessly - often uprooting herself every few years, travels light where worldly possessions are concerned for this very reason.
• Settles in a small cabin for a modest rent nestled in the trees off the winding highway on the way between Tillamook and Portland in 2019. Avoids the city as much as possible, though life tends to make her take weekly trips out to make due. Sustains herself mainly on deers, cougars, and what wildlife she can catch easily in her back yard - pays for the good stuff from time to time when she scrapes together enough coins with her resales online and some virtual tutoring positions.


Face Claim: Jess Clements

• You can't tell her anything, learns almost entirely through firsthand experiences which can get her in a good deal of trouble.
• Tickled by pop culture in secret, quietly keeps up with most celebrities.
• Makes due on the wilderness, will occasionally shell out money in exchange for 'the good stuff' - assuming a willing shifter can be found on tap.
• Amicable if only for the safety of her own skin when it comes to shifters, finds herself jaded with the damn lot as a whole.