Ava Harper

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Ava Marie Harper

Need to Know

- She/Her
- 35 (Feb 6th 1985)
- 5'5
- Brown Hair
- Light Brown Eyes
- Exotic Dancer in East Portland
- Lives in East Portland


♥ ► Hourglass figure.

♥ ► Doe-like eyes, light brown / amber with a hint of green.

♥ ► Usually dressed in professional garb, pencil skirt, sheer blouses.

♥ ► Always has silver necklace with a ruby shaped in a heart around her neck.

About Me


♥ ► Guarded

♥ ► Protective

♥ ► Sarcastic

♥ ► Loving

♥ ► Caring


[TW: multiple possible triggers]

♥ Since she was one Ava had been moved from home to home. Foster homes eventually turned into a permanent home, thankfully. By then, she was fifteen. Most of the damage had been done by then; with an unstable home, no firm friends and people she could trust, Ava was fairly guarded by the time her new family found her. Despite her nightmares, constant troubles at school, her new family stayed by her side.

♥ She was young and naive, she fell in love with someone who seemed to provide stability. While he wasn't a bad choice, they just weren't smart. It didn't take her long to fall pregnant. It was only when she started to show and the symptoms grew intense that she figured it out. At the same time, her parents were accepting different job offers, hopes of a better life for them all, and most importantly better schooling for Ava. From a young age she'd been interested in photography and journalism, but her constant travelling made it hard to find opportunities, aside from using her own camera, her most treasured item.

♥ Her secret had remained until the stress of moving and losing the friends, boyfriend and home she'd made... It was overwhelming. The fears consumed her, threatened her. After she miscarried, her mind was a mess. It felt as if she'd finally snapped. Her boyfriend didn't seem too troubled, not as she was, and her friends had been shielded from it. Nobody could feel the pain she felt. In a snap judgement, she ran away.

♥ It was easy to live on the street, considering some of the places she'd lived before. For years, she developed a tougher skin and buried the pain of her past. Eventually, she found herself dancing for money, showing her curves and displaying the outward beauty people seemed so intrigued with. In reality, she couldn't care less about what they thought, it was survival.

♠ After an incident in her previous club... A customer who pushed his luck ended up with a broken nose and set up for far more... Ava took her leave. The people she'd known had protected her, but they seemed to act as if they owned her. They didn't act on revenge for her well-being, but because someone had touched what was 'theirs'. That event spurred her on to seek another life... Eventually she stumbled into Portland, finding a place to work almost immediately. Would it be the place she'd truly settle?


Face Claim: Kate Beckinsale