Lila Keen

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Lila Keen

Need to Know

- She/Her
- 25 (Feb. 23)
- 5'7"
- Red Hair
- Light Blue Eyes
- Grocery Store Clerk in North Portland
- Lives in North Portland


-Straight red hair to her waist. -Light blue eyes -Pale, freckled skin. -Slim, toned figure.

About Me


-Lila needs time to warm up to other people. She isn’t unfriendly, and can be very sweet once you get to know her, but needs some time to get out of her shell. -She has Customer Service persona, which she uses at work and when speaking to strangers, and her regular persona, where she’s more laid back. -She's incredibly interested in conspiracy theories, ghost hunting, cryptids, and supernatural things. -She also games as a hobby, when she's not working. -She tries to keep the weird tamped down, but sometimes she casually mentions conspiracy theories.


Lila is the oldest of two kids, one of two daughters. Her parents divorced and remarried when she was barely two years old, her sister being her half sister on her mother’s side. When her stepmother, who she was very close to, passed away, Lila decided to move states. Her nineteen year old sister was already away at college in a different state, so when Lila said she was moving away, her parents were understandably upset. Lila assured them she was fine and this was NOT a mental breakdown, and moved to Portland, Oregon. She'd managed to land a job in town near her apartment, and has been working nearly nonstop since.


Face Claim: Madeline Ford

-Lila went to school for teaching, but dropped out due to getting overwhelmed. -She's incredibly nerdy, playing D&D, videogames, painting D&D minis and going to cons -She's into cryptids, the supernatural, and conspiracy theories -She keeps herself meticulously clean and presentable at all times -She goes running every morning, but is otherwise sedentary aside from work