Gregory Thayer

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James Gregory Thayer
Witch – Telekinesis

Need to Know

- He/Him
- 44 (Apr 14)
- 6' 0"
- Light Brown Hair
- Light Blue Eyes (Violet Eyes)
- Philanthropist in Northwest Portland
- Lives in Southwest Portland


-Was considered gorgeous in his youth, but now that he's reached middle age, that bloom has begun to fade.
-Keeps his hair cut fairly short; he's never had long hair and has no desire to start experimenting now.
-Wears an expensive signet ring on his right ring finger at all times; he only removes it to sleep and to bathe.
-While not a fashion-plate, all of his clothing are expensive labels; even his version of "slumming it" is laughably high-end.
-Loves a good cardigan
-Occasionally slips into the thousand-yard stare; he'll break out of it if his name is spoken aloud or if one snaps their fingers.
-Always clean-shaven.

About Me

Ability Description


The ability to manipulate matter with his mind. Greg came into his powers early and is a particularly gifted telekinetic, abilities honed over the decades under strict and often painful tutelage. For the most part, he required concentrating on specific objects to move or manipulate them, but in moments of extreme stress, he has those moments that his parents deemed "tantrums" where his mind flings about for anything within its range. He primarily applies this in mundane ways, helping himself around the house to brew tea, reach for books, and answer the door. Over-application leads to headaches and nose bleeds.


Perpetually Tired | Earnest | Flexible | Generous | Sophisticated | Wary | Private


Trigger Warning: Child abuse, mind control

-Sole heir to the type of fortune that, frankly, shouldn't exist.
-Family is Boston Brahmin - Old Money that traces itself back to earliest pilgrims in Massachusetts.
-His father was the leader of a prominent and powerful coven in Boston.
-His childhood was unhappy, with high expectations placed upon him from a young age; when he failed to achieve, the punishment was swift and exacting.
-His power developed at a young age, and the unhappiness and stress at home led to outbursts, in turn creating more of a "need" from his parents to "correct" him, ever escalating.
-He attempted to run away on more than one occasion, but it never took long for his parents, a servant, or a coven member to track him down and bring him home.
-Even in young adulthood, he was kept on a short leash, attending Harvard as the family alma mater, because it was expected, and because this kept him within his family's sphere of control.
-He ran away again, this time with a degree and some money to his name. It took longer this time to be found, but when he was discovered, his parents' coven dragged him back, and his father resolved to prevent him from leaving again.
-The next years are a haze of obligations and mind control. He retains precious few good memories (both for the definition as pleasant and the definition as sturdy and clear). He helped with the coven. He worked at the family business. He thinks that he might have courted a bit. He was the Devoted Son (TM).
-His father's ailing health caused his powers to weaken, allowing Greg to break free of the spell. An altercation ensued, and he bolted to the other end of the country.
-His parents failed to disinherit him, as he had been The Good Son (TM), and he came into his trust fund before running the final time. He uses this to fund his lifestyle and donate to assorted causes throughout the city. If anyone asks his day job, he quite soberly remarks that, "I'm finding myself."
-He has a lot of trauma to unpack and could use a good therapist.


Face Claim: Jude Law

-He loathes his first name and uses his middle in its place, but will sign contracts with, "J. Gregory Thayer."
-Please call him, "Greg" to his face.
-He speaks with an upper-class Boston accent that differs so greatly from the more popularized Boston accent that many people assume he's from New Hampshire or Maine because nobody knows what those accents sound like outside of New England, or linguists more broadly.
-Speaks English, French, and Latin.
-Plays the piano.
-Behold his house!
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