Apollo LaVeaux

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Apollo LaVeaux
Witch – talisman creation

Need to Know

- He/Him
- 27 (Sept 21)
- 6'2"
- Black Hair
- Dark Brown Eyes (Light Brown Eyes)
- Barber in East Portland
- Lives in East Portland


  • Style is guided more by preference for street style than trends
  • Gravitates towards simple outfits with detailed adornments
  • Partial to accessories: nose & ears are pierced, likes statement jewelry pieces (rings, necklaces)
  • Graceful; moves with purpose, with rhythm
  • Not very outwardly emotive and often has difficulties connecting with others because of it

About Me

Ability Description

  • In following centuries-old traditions passed down through his maternal line, Apollo has the ability to create talisman — or, as his great-grandmother would refer to them, gris-gris.
  • Different properties are gleaned from the varying materials involved: the form or bag itself, and what’s inside it: herbs, stones, coins, bones, sigils, and, most effectively, personal effects.
  • While Apollo himself primarily benefits from such creations (and thus has an admin-approved +1 advantage in relevant, personal dice rolls), others can as well. However, the magic longevity is limited and typically fades after approximately twelve hours. As with most magic, it is strongest in conjunction with the moon; talismans made during a full moon phase will last the full three-to-five days of its duration.




    • Raised by a single mother right in Portland, Oregon. Never knew his father, and never needed to know about his father. Quietly proud of his maternal roots: Louisiana, Haiti, and beyond.
    • Has a pet snake named Jacques.
    • Lives with his mother, acting as primary caregiver as she’s gone significantly short-sighted in her older years and arthritis has rendered her largely incapable of independence. Plus, they’re close.
    • Has all but officially inherited his mother's salon given that it’s still under her name and he’s the only one working there. Hardly bigger than a closet, its being owned outright is likely the sole reason it continues to stand. That, and he’s a fairly decent barber. But whatever, money’s always been an issue and there’s where the side business comes in.
    • Essential oils, horoscopes, sacred geometry — it’s a lucrative market. Most anyone will pay most anything for a bit of good fortune, a touch of a curse, a guarantee that something special will swing their way… And he's got a gift for making that happen.
    • He doesn’t mess with the real shift often. He knows better and his mother’s strict teachings have kept him in line. But if Apollo likes you or your cause (or if you can offer a good enough incentive), consider yourself lucky — because he can literally put luck into a bottle and tie it off with a bow.
    • Other

      Face Claim: Joey Bada$$

      • Yeah, he knows about the other creepy-crawlies: the shifters, the biters, the ghouls. And no, he will not groom your wolverine form.
      • Jacques is a 5'7" Hispaniolan Boa