Connor Winfield

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Connor Winfield

Need to Know

- He/Him
- 19 (Jan 5)
- 5’10”
- Dark brown Hair
- Blue-Green Eyes
- Student in North Portland
- Lives in Southwest Portland


  • Lean, long, and wiry - barbed all over with pointed edges
  • Decided features: overgrown and unruly brows/hair, razor-sharp jawline, slightly sunken chest
  • Soft only in the light smattering of freckles across his nose and his slender, feminine hands
  • Keeps on tops of latest trends in terms of fashion; isn't afraid of color and patterns
  • Slouches, gets comfortable, unabashedly takes up space

About Me




  • It’s a miracle he’s normal, considering what he’s come from: mentally unstable mother, emotionally absent father, weird-as-fucking-fuck sister
  • He sparkles, glows, and quite simply radiates throughout widespread social circles, sports teams, and academic pursuits, snatching up honor roll mentions and distinguished scholar awards without pause
  • Considering he's the only hope for a sense of normalcy in the Winfield clan, he knows he's gotta get out ASAP
  • While his sister spends her days marinating in same psycho soup the rest of his family finds themselves drowning in, he's working on some big plans: college, an honest-to-god career, a future life on the east coast, as far the fuck away as he can physically get from his hometown
  • Riding a fully funded merit scholarship (it's the only hope he has, no thanks to mom and pop), he's heading down a business track as first year student at the University of Portland


Face Claim: Timothée Chalamet