Maiah Lewis

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Jeremiah Lewis
Witch – Pyrokinesis

Need to Know

- He/Him
- 26 (May 14)
- 6'2
- Brown Hair
- Dark Brown Eyes (N/A Eyes)
- Pediatrics Nurse in North Portland
- Lives in Southeast Portland


+Tall, lanky, and usually somewhat disheveled as a side effect of constant fidgeting
+On the edge of gnc—he sees literally no reason a man can’t wear mascara and body glitter now and again. That said he's never been quite comfortable in a skirt. He's open-minded but that's a level of vulnerability he just doesn't care for.
+Graphic tees. Lots and lots of graphic tees. Paired with jeans or brightly colored pants and sneakers. Maiah dresses for comfort. He tends to wear necklaces or bracelets, which he has been known to fidget with.
+Often accompanied by Cosmos the Superpup

About Me

Ability Description

+Has the ability to kindle a tiny flame with a snap of his fingers, but it will need time to feed and grow. He can't will an inferno into existence.
+He can shape and move existing fires. He likes to make visual guides with them, put on little fire-plays.
+Is immune only to the flames he controls.
+Can't put out fires with magic; when he needs to put them out, he rolls them into a ball to smother most of the flames and claps out the rest between his palms.


outgoing - impulsive - flirtatious - compassionate - well-intentioned - occasional disaster

He wants to be everyone's friend and has no trouble sparking a conversation, but when RSD hits him, it hits him hard.


TW: death of parent, drug use

Maiah is the son of a terrakinetic and a pyrokinetic, a potentially explosive combination, but Tom and Claudia Lewis were perfect together. Quiet, steady Tom organized and managed a community urban farm; vivacious, brilliant Claudia taught second grade. They adored each other. Tom was so outdoors-focused, his home was a small house on the outskirts of a small city where the three were always bumping into each other after Claudia moved in, a situation exponentially exacerbated by their super ball of a son. It was an absolute paradise for Maiah, who grew up playing outdoors and extremely close with his parents.

Maiah was an energetic kid. Sometimes that was a problem, like when he decided standardized testing was boring and scribbled dinosaurs all over his scantron. (After a serious meeting with his parents and the principal, Maiah promised to be more serious. He actually did pretty well on standardized test.) Much as he struggled with sitting still, he loved working with his dad at the urban farm or in their greenhouse at home; he played little league and got along well with all his teammates; he was a generally happy kid. Except for school. School was hard, grades were bad, and no matter how hard he tried to make his parents happy, Maiah just didn’t have the ability to sit still.

They argued about having him diagnosed with ADHD. Claudia said it would help him. Tom said he didn’t want his son labeled. But the diagnosis overall helped, mostly because it required teachers to be more patient with him and let him have his fidget toys in class.

Growing up with both parents witches, Maiah spent a long time expecting his own magic to show up. He had an “any day now” approach, trying to coax the plants to grow like his dad, trying to twist a flame from the stove’s burner into a little ballerina the way his mom would. He expected it any day now for years. It actually happened one night in the backyard. They’d dug a fire pit (technically illegal, shh) and spent late summer evenings out there, Claudia and Tom sitting together, Maiah eating s’mores until he thought he’d be sick. And then having just one more. That night, he was playing, pretending he could turn the fire into a funnel and send it into the sky. The funnel’s appearance was sudden, but it was far bigger and more wild than anticipated. Luckily, Claudia was there to take control of it. From then on, she taught Maiah how to use and control his pyrokinesis.

Claudia died when Maiah was almost fifteen. It changed his entire world. One stupid car accident and suddenly it was like the light had left their family. Tom was as supportive as he could be, devastated as he was as well. There was just so much emptiness.

Maiah was, at the time, on track and baseball teams at school, and those were the only places he felt okay, because he was moving nonstop. Running in particular soothed his mind. Unfortunately, so much of school was sitting still and studying, and as much as Maiah loved to learn, he was not a ‘studier’. A few times, he headed out behind the school to share a joint with a few friends. It felt… good. It felt like not having to feel that place inside of himself that missed his mom all the time. And Maiah knew himself. He knew hyperfixation when he felt it. He told his dad what was happening and that he needed help. It wasn’t easy. He cried, he said he was sorry, he braced for rejection from a parent who had never before rejected him—and didn’t now. At the semester break, Tom pulled Maiah out of school. Maiah switched first to an online school, and later to community college, spending most of his time with his dad for the better part of six months. He still saw his friends and texted pretty much nonstop, he just did it with constant accountability. Sometimes he resented that, but not Tom. Just the way things were.

It might seem strange for a poor student, but Maiah found himself drawn to nursing courses. He really enjoyed it. The science made sense, the career seemed like something he might be really good at. And he was. He liked taking care of people, he was good at talking with them, the social skills programs can’t teach you. He was good at the academic stuff, too. This was also around the time Maiah started poking around online, looking for other witches. He had honed his control with his dad, practicing weaving fire around his hands or making the flames play out little scenes. He especially enjoyed puppeteering. When he started out, he would make a couple of Pillsbury Doughboy shapes, but he learned to refine them, to shape them. But this is something teenage Maiah had done sitting on the floor of his dad’s greenhouse, his control so perfect he could light a flame over a leaf and never let it catch (though he couldn’t control the heat enough to keep the leaf from being damaged, so he didn’t). Now he was growing up, moving into his own life, and suddenly as much as he loved Tom, Maiah wanted more. He wanted to meet other witches the same way he wanted a romantic relationship more than the casual ones he had carried on—because hiding your supernatural abilities really didn’t contribute generously toward exploring one’s romantic and sexual orientation. He wanted his own life.

Maiah first moved out at 21. He was working and in school, in an RN to BSN program. And it did not go well. He forgot to clean. He lived off of pizza and Pop-Tarts. Laundry? Never heard of her. He had an active social life and experimented with different manners of self-expression, and he wasn’t unhappy, but he had a lot to learn. There was a reason he had moved less than an hour’s drive from home. Tom would come see him sometimes, help him clean up his apartment, take him for groceries. These were things Maiah knew how to do, somewhere in his mind, he just… didn’t do them. There were times Maiah didn’t want to see his father because he just knew there was nothing but disapproval coming, and Tom chose to ignore his son’s wishes in a way that might have bothered some people. It sort of bothered Maiah, too. But there was his dad, saying it was all right, and helping him fix things up again. Though eventually he did improve, housekeeping and nutrition are things Maiah continues to struggle with. And yes, he sees the irony in being a nurse who can’t nutrition himself properly. (It’s totally a verb.)

The move to Portland was a big decision, one Maiah and Tom talked over for a long time. It frustrated Maiah, who wanted to be in a big city, wanted to jump at chances. Trust wasn’t easy when it felt like restrictions—but Tom was right. When Maiah moved, he would be far more on his own. Tom couldn’t come check up on him. A part of Maiah wanted that. He wanted to be independent, he wanted to prove he could do it. Another part of him recognized that it was, as his dad said, a big step. And that was only dealing with his ADHD. The other elements of the supernatural world were another matter entirely, and one that requires consideration.

So far, he loves Portland. He loves his job as a pediatric nurse. His apartment is almost something akin to tidy...ish. That ‘connecting with other witches’ stuff has been kind of slow coming, but Maiah remains optimistic.


Face Claim: Kit Young

+Despite his name, he is not now and never has been a bullfrog.
+His middle name is Caron, a name which literally means "love" but its connotation is more, "You are in deep trouble."
+He was born at 12:19am… missed Friday the 13th by twenty minutes. He’s still sore about that.
+Currently identifying as pansexual/questioning. Growing up without other witches around, he feels like he's never been able to truly be with another person romantically.