Elisabeth Moody


Elisabeth Moody
Witch – Avian Control

Need to Know

- She/Her
- 25 ()
- 5'5"
- Red Hair
- Hazel Eyes (White Eyes)
- Wildlife Rehabilitation Apprentice in Tillamook
- Lives in Southwest Portland


-Average sized

-Well-toned body from her physical job

-Bright red hair down past her shoulders.. Usually wears in a braid.

-Pert nose

-Usually is dressed in flannel and comfortable jeans on her off days, much to the chagrin of her parents.

-Has a messenger bag

About Me

Ability Description

Able to convey simple instructions that the bird can easily follow(Fly here, pick this up, go here) in step by step instructions.

Can read any emotion a bird is capable of(anger, shock, happiness)

If pressed, exert her will for more complicated instructions(Find an opening, do circles in the air) but it drains her.

Can see through the eyes of a specific bird or birds, but loses her own sight and hearing in the process. Can be done for up to eight miles away. She has partial to full control over them when this is done, depending on how strong their bond is.

Can verbally communicate with birds and hold discussions(as much as a bird can have a discussion) but must open a link consciously.

With work, would be able to control as many as ten birds as a time.




Born in Wisconsin, Elisabeth was the youngest child of Denise and Alex Moody. From an early age, she was quiet, always sketching, reading, or playing by herself. As she aged, it became apparent that she had some talent in speaking to birds, though she had to make a conscious effort to do so. This came in handy, at first, as her family’s collections of birds grew, the smell of shit and down stifling. She practiced and began honing her skills, though as she grew older, she was able to understand more complicated thoughts and emotions.

Help! Trapped! Where am I?!

She approached her mother about the birds, soft voice trembling, asking for her to release them. She told her mother they were scared and wanted to get out, but her mother laughed. She told her daughter that the birds didn’t know what was good for them, and if they wanted to stay alive, they’d better be quiet. Elisabeth stopped speaking to the birds after that. That wasn’t to say she didn’t hone her gift. She’d often go sit outside, practicing her gifts, peering into the minds of the birds and seeing the world from their eyes. She often watched as they flew, growing jealous of them and their freedom. She longed to stretch her own wings, have some semblance of freedom.

That freedom came in the form of Brook Thomas, a young man she had met at seventeen. Despite her shy nature, she found herself at ease around Brook, and quickly fell for him. Though she was still a quiet person around him, he never made her feel bad for not talking. When she finally gathered the courage to take him to her home, the two of them were caught by her mother and aunt. Elisabeth couldn’t defend herself, nor her boyfriend, and he was quickly thrown out. That was the last time she saw Brook. He disappeared along with the others of her town, something she never looked too deeply into.

After his departure, Elisabeth moved on as best as she could, still refusing to speak with the birds in her household. As their numbers grew, she found it to be too much, and as soon as she was able, accepted a scholarship in Oregon. She wanted to be as far away from her family as possible, with the house growing more and more unbearable. Her decision was solidified when she was let in on the family secret: her family was behind many of the disappearances of the town. When she asked if they were behind Brook leaving, they denied it, saying he had skipped town.

She headed to Oregon to get her biology degree, interning at Tillamook Forest Center to be a Wildlife Rehabilitator. Even if she couldn’t help those birds back home, she could help the ones here, in her new home. She got her degree, and is furthering her degree at North Portland University.


Face Claim: Kate Mcnamara

-When she was younger, she used to carry around a red sketchbook and sketch the animals in her life. She'd convince birds to get closer so she'd have a closer look, and was able to catch the shadows in sunlight easily. She has only ever bought red sketchbooks, this being a personality quirk of hers.