Delta Davis

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Delta Davis
Witch – Hydrokinesis

Need to Know

- She/Her
- 25 (Oct 28)
- 5'2"
- Brown Hair
- Brown Eyes (Grey Eyes)
- Figure Skating Coach in Southwest Portland
- Lives in Southeast Portland


- She is a small human. Short and athletic.
- Has pierced ears, but no tattoos.
- Generally favours a neat and smart style, with romantic leanings in terms of pattern and texture.

About Me

Ability Description

- Can conjure small amounts of water in the palm of her hand, which can be poured into a vessel when necessary.
- However, she can only create as much as can be held in her palm at one time; it doesn't come out in gushes.
- Is able to control the properties of water; e.g. making it boil, making it freeze, etc...
- The above skill is limited to the size of the body of water, though she hopes to improve on this.
- Her goal is to one day be able to 'Elsa' across a lake in her skates.



- If she sees someone with a problem, Delta can't help but try to fix it. She has made many friends this way, but also oversteps the mark occasionally and gives advice when it is not wanted.
- When she sets her mind towards a goal, she is very driven and organised in her methods to achieve it.
- Cares deeply about personal hygiene and self care, and sets aside time in her week for 'me-time' and spa treatments. She encourages others to join her when they express an interest.
- Likes her home space to be clean and tidy, and gets stressed out when her roommates don't put things back where they belong.


- Grew up in Portland with her parents and her older sister. Her mother is a witch but her father has no magical ability.
- First became interested in figure skating when she was seven years old, after being invited to a friend's birthday party at the local ice rink.
- Delta discovered her powers at roughly the same age, finding that when she became disappointed at a tepid hot chocolate or a melted ice-lolly,the liquid in the treats would adjust themselves to the correct temperature again as she held them.
- At first, she lacked control with even small changes such as this, which created some frustrating situations. One example of which was a snowball melting in her hands mid-battle because her hands started to hurt from the cold.
- Competed in figure skating competitions throughout her teens.
- After leaving school, she decided to become a coach, mostly teaching children how to skate.
- After first getting the job, she continued to live at home with her parents to save money for a year, before moving into a shared flat with some friends.
- Money is still tight, so she is always on the lookout for new side-hustles.
- She dabbles with part-time jobs as a waitress, and a children's party entertainer, and occasionally sells things online.
- More recently, she has been developing an interest in show skating.


Face Claim: Sarah Jeffery

- Delta is a Scorpio.