Jarvis Reed
Vampire – Reaper

Need to Know

- He/Him
- 601 (Sept 13)
- 5'11
- Brown Hair
- Hazel Eyes (Silver Eyes)
- Executioner in Outskirts
- Lives in Southwest Portland


- Wiry build.
- Heavily tattooed. Each one is significant.
- His hair is thick and unruly unless he's trying and his face is usually adorned with a heavy layer of scruff.
- Particular about his clothing, and enjoys keeping up with trends - it's a good way to measure time.

About Me

Ability Description




- Born in 1419 to a large family on the bridge between the Middle Ages and the early Renaissance,
- He was a well-liked boy though not usually the center of attention, and he quietly made goals to leave rural life and poverty behind him.
- His solution was to fall into a booming trade and he became an executioner at the age of sixteen.
- The killing came easy, the showmanship did not. It took many beheading swings and gallow pulls to become comfortable with the spectacle of death.

- Fourteen years into the job and a late-night serving of justice goes awry. The crowd leaves and Jarvis cuts the swinging body free only to be sprung on and assaulted by the very same corpse.
- He's bitten, drained, turned, and left alone as revenge for carrying out a King-appointed sentence.
- Spends far more years floundering than he'll ever readily admit.
- Eventually he is found by a others like him and taken in. They travel and feast and he allows them to ferry him to the New World before breaking off to find his way on steadier legs.

- In 1705 he meets a fellow Vampire and the pair commiserate over the sorry state of affairs in Salem. With that common goal in mind, they persuade and panic the good Puritan settlement into accusing their leader of witchcraft.
- Jarvis is the one to light the pyre.
- They stay and run the group together, enjoying the fruits of their mutual success. When she leaves, he continues without her before the seat grows stale.

- In the late 1800's he meets more - a group of violent vigilantes. It's a change of pace, something new to do after centuries of living, so he stays with them for a while to make chaos. - He respects their morals but doesn't believe in them, and this divide ends in an amicable parting of ways.

- Spends the majority of the 1900's going from state to state, working as an executioner, learning the new methods of programmable and scheduled killing while bettering himself and expanding his horizons in other ways.
- Before long though his standby profession begins to dry up. With fewer and fewer states allowing the death penalty, he moves to Oregon.
- Absolutely for business.


Face Claim: Tom Brennan